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  3. Hate to be that one guy, but who do I reach out to if there is a spelling mistake? The Man in Earth Orbit step of the Space Race says, "Opponent choose and show headline card first." It should either be "Opponent chooses and shows headline card first" or "Opponents choose and shows headline card first." Every time I see it, it bugs me - so steps must be taken to rectify the situation ;)
  4. TipsyGamer

    Game Log

    I just registered for an account to necro your thread, but I would love if this feature was implemented as well. I'm guessing something would have to be coded to compile the log, but it would be nice if it could integrate with the notification feature and email you the log at the conclusion of your games.
  5. Benkyo

    Build notes for version 1.2.0

    From Steam forum
  6. I was happy to see an update to TS today. Could we please have a bugfix list?
  7. RotorHed

    Bug with Shuttle Diplomacy

    Well they’ve been working on labyrinth it turns out - maybe TS will get some attention after that is released. I hope they do a decent job with labyrinth - I enjoyed the board game version...
  8. Benkyo

    Bug with Shuttle Diplomacy

    It turns out the bug is in the detailed regional breakdown graphics, but does not affect the calculation on the overall final scoring screen, which is correct. I'd post the screenshots, but this forum won't let me.
  9. Stalin

    Bug with Shuttle Diplomacy

    Well, it is true that the game has not seen any improvement lately, despite that several bugs have been logged. Even this forum has slowed to a crawl.
  10. Benkyo

    Bug with Shuttle Diplomacy

    Thanks for the heads-up. I still hold out a faint hope that even 18 months on from the last patch Playdek will actually finish this game, but I suspect that something terrible happened, like, all the programmers who worked on it got fired during a rough patch of financial troubles.
  11. In game #556321, I, as USSR, played Shuttle Diplomacy on the last action round of turn 10. No scoring cards were played after. On final scoring, the game reduced my battleground count for both Asia and Middle East by one, and I lost the game at score zero instead of winning at score -1. The text of the Shuttle Diplomacy card explicitly says that the event Does not count for Final Scoring at the end of Turn 10.
  12. Stalin

    Bug with bids

    This is something that I noticed several times: Me and my adversary bid exactly the same thing, e.g., +1 for USSR. The program tells me that my adversary won the bid, and that I will play US with +1 extra unit. But when the game begins, it's the converse: I get to play the USSR and my adversary has the US with +1 unit.
  13. Never mind, i saw an earlier post saying there was no place to coup. How do you delete a post on here?
  14. In an online game, I played the above card when I had 4 coins before playing. Thus I should have 9 coins but shows me with 0 coins before purchasing a building. So bought the Stone House building. So I should have 5 coins but nope, still have 0 coins even after purchasing it. I know I had 4 coins since I was going to finish the Extort Aurora quest which required 4 coins since I got the black cubes from a previous quest of a Thin the City Quest. So definitely bummed about losing the coins but obviously a bug to take excess coins for a building purchase via utility.
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  17. exoow

    BUG: cannot select headline card!

    Same bug, #431539
  18. I recently got the iPad app and today I tried playing my first online game. It was a disaster - nearly every few minutes, I was interrupted with a "network connection lost" popup, then booted out to the lobby screen and forced to reconnect and sit through the loading screen. I would get this popup even when nothing was going on and it was my turn and I was just pondering my next move. Of course this makes it almost impossible to focus on the game if you're getting kicked out every few minutes. Given that this is a turn-based game, I have no idea why losing connection with the server would require booting the player out entirely from the game. Can't you just flash some icon or something and prevent the turn from being submitted until connection is re-established? This is literally game-breaking and means I can only play offline. I was playing on my home wifi connection and have never had any issues with it or other online games.
  19. Traemyn

    iPhone version ?

    So... This is from them in Jan 2017(!) via email: "We're working on the iPhone version now. It plays well on large devices (iPhone 7) but iPhone 5 still needs some work. And we're familiar with the game, so we need to spend some time looking at how a new player might receive this version on a phone. So we don't have an ETA just yet. We will most likely be looking to do a beta test later this month or early next month." I emailed them back in June regarding the beta and didn't receive a response.
  20. ramiv

    Game Log

    Hello, I'm playing the steam version of the game. I would like to know if it is possible to save a log file of the game. Since all the games have an ID# I thought that maybe you also save the game log. Thanks can be helpfull for game review. Thanks, Rami
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