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  2. Hi! I just had the exact same issue with using feed pellets to exchange a vegetable for a sheep and having my vegetable taken and a sheep appearing but not counting or breeding. Is there a fix for this? I'm using an iPad fifth generation, software version 12.4.1. I have screenshots, but can't figure out how to make the files small enough to accommodate your .49MB restriction on attachments.
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  7. Empalia

    cast base cabbage

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  8. Same issue for me ! And it's true for all Playdek's games !!! Please help us 😱😉!
  9. sunshoe

    Remodeling Card

    I can confirm that in certain situations this is bugged. I currently have one game where dragging the stable to the lower left corner did allow remodeling, in a second game, I am unable to remove the stable no matter where I drag it to. I believe it has to do with placing the stable at the position above your starting 2 rooms. I have not had this issue with other stable placements but have encountered the stable issue twice when it is in the position above the starting 2 rooms.
  10. We are releasing an update today for all platforms. You will be required to update your client in order to continue to play online. Note that rules changes in this build will only be seen in new games started AFTER the client is updated. Updated 4 cards based on a clarification from the designer. The second half of the event on these cards is only allowed to add tokens from the Token Pool, not from the Crisis Track. Fugitive Slave Law Social Elites Russell of the Times Seizing Federal Armories Improved filter options for finding online games Improved handling of completed games Fixed animation for Peace Commissioner Fixed card sizes when animating to/from draw and discard piles Fixed several issues with game log during online games Added several events to game log Adjusted how AI evaluates placement of peace commissioner Updated AI evaluation based on training results
  11. - fixed AI bug that affected evaluation of how human player would use pivotal space bonus - fixed ingame chat coloring when local player is Secessionist - fixed minor issues in tutorial - fixed art and text issues on a few cards - improved drag sizing for tokens on map spaces and in token pool - added Event Discard variant section to rulebook - added Event Discard variant description to Create Game screen This is a quick update to address some of the issues found immediately after launch. We have more coming for another update later this week (and that will require you to update in order to play online).
  12. Welcome to the Support and Suggestion forums for Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis All suggestions and support requests are welcome here! Do you have a suggestion that will enhance your gaming experience? Post it up! Did you find something in the game that you think is a potential bug? Post it up! Did you come across something that isn't working properly in the game? Post it up! We will be able to use all posts in this section to locate and squish all bugs reported and to find ways to help improve your gaming experiencing! If you are having an issue with the game and cannot find an answer here feel free to email us support@playdekgames.com Be sure to include: Playdek account email User name Game you are experiencing this issue with Device you are playing on OS installed on the device Details about the issue Any steps you have taken to resolve the issue Some easy steps you can try to take before contacting us is to: Uninstall the game Turn off all other applications Restart your device Reinstall the game Sometimes a fresh install of the game can fix a handful of the issues we see come in so if you want you can always start with these steps. Thank you!
  13. Please make sure to read our Forum Rules and Code of Conduct before posting.
  14. Vozw

    Bug: 7-Op China Card

    Aye. Unless I missed something in testing, it does have to be the China Card, and the last influence placed seems to ignore US control. As a programmer, I'm decidedly curious as to what the code segment handling this looks like. My best guess is that the China Card and Vietnam Revolts have a special case coded in for when they coincide and the bonus China Card op could be placed outside of SE Asia and invalidate the bonus Vietnam Revolts op, but that the case is outside of normal processing and forgets to take US control into account for the final Vietnam Revolts op.
  15. Benkyo

    Bug: 7-Op China Card

    That's a pretty serious bug. Do you have to use the 6th (+7th) influence to break control for it to work? I guess the reason the bug went undiscovered for so long is that it's so unlikely that anyone would do that.
  16. While under Vietnam Revolts, the USSR can play the China Card in SE Asia for 7 ops (with the final 2 ops being used to break US control). This can be seen in #745647 on Turn 2 USSR AR5, and has been reproduced against the AI. (Awesome game, by the way!)
  17. I purchased LoW from Steam and created a Playdek account, but when I enter my username/password to start online multiplayer, the game crashes to the desktop. Event viewer shows the faulting module as WaterdeepLib.dll Multiplayer does work for my with the same Playdek account using the Android version.
  18. It recently have started to affect my games. I get kicked out within few seconds after game loads, which effectively prevents me from playing. This happens only on mobile data. On WiFi everything works smoothly.
  19. Tin_Whisker

    Login EVERYTIME???!?!

    Most users will not be using more than one account, please add an auto-logon feature. Currently you are wasting my time and the time of countless others.
  20. I was in an online game and I received a notification that it completed, I open the app and see there is no active games, where can I see the results of the just completed game?
  21. Same issue with the Android version that I installed a few days ago. I only took the basic for now - but have waited so long for the confirmation....and for Playdek to respond via the, alleged, 'support' page...I've missed the refund window from Google Play. I want to play my friends...but I don't want to spend double setting it up on Steam as well...especially if it might not work there either. Playdek needs to get its finger out.
  22. For the record, I did end up going for a refund, due to not being able to register for multiplayer and not hearing anything for 9 hours, which to me seemed like it just wasn't happening. However, the registration did arrive 3 hours after that, so it took almost 12 hours to arrive. I haven't pressed 'activate' and will ignore the email as I no longer have access to the game and don't want to mess up the system in case I do decide to purchase it again in the future.
  23. Hi I bought the game with both expansions earlier on today on Steam. But have been unable to register the game in order to play the game online. When I try to create the account I get the following message 'please check your email for your account information' only that no email has been received. It has been several hours now and I have tried to repeat the process, and tried it with a different email and username to no avail. If I try to enter my desired account details as my user details I get the message 'Account is not yet activated. Please follow the account activation instructions that were sent to your email.' Again the problem being that I am not receiving any account details. I would rather not refund the game via Steams refund policy, as I do think it looks good, I like this type of game. But I will have to do so If I get no solutions here, nor any emails or updates as I also sent a support request to support@playdekgames.com but am concerned that I have received no feedback as to their receiving this either. No ticket number, or feedback or anything. Hope we can fix things, Vargas78
  24. It appears in the past week or two that the iOS turn notifications are no longer appearing after you take a turn (when playing an online game). We're getting the email notifications, but not ones of the "pop-up" variety on the home screen. If someone could look into this, that'd be AWESOME - it's very challenging to get games done in a reasonable amount of time otherwise. Thanks!
  25. Hate to be that one guy, but who do I reach out to if there is a spelling mistake? The Man in Earth Orbit step of the Space Race says, "Opponent choose and show headline card first." It should either be "Opponent chooses and shows headline card first" or "Opponents choose and shows headline card first." Every time I see it, it bugs me - so steps must be taken to rectify the situation ;)
  26. TipsyGamer

    Game Log

    I just registered for an account to necro your thread, but I would love if this feature was implemented as well. I'm guessing something would have to be coded to compile the log, but it would be nice if it could integrate with the notification feature and email you the log at the conclusion of your games.
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