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  4. What you say makes some sense. There are other situations where Missile Envy could be discarded before the next action round where it would be playable. I tried to explore them on BGG.
  5. That's actually fine, as far as I know. The Missile Envy effect does not survive the trip to the discard pile. It is in force as long as the card stays in hand, potentially across multiple AR (as when Red Scare/Purge and Quagmire are in effect, for example), but you can definitely run into situations as you did where it gets discarded.
  6. I was playing USSR against USA AI. On turn 4, I headlined Missile Envy and got Muslim Revolution back. On AR1, I played ANWYCCDFY and AI did the strangest thing: discard Missile Envy! Then it played another card for its AR. I don't think the rules allow that. "Opponent must use this card for Operations during his next action round." That's not what it did.
  7. Hi Andrew101, I don't know exactly because I have never played 1989. However, one reason I like TS is that Steam has a digital version that allows me to play TS around the world with people. I don't have to have a face-to-face game. If you have access to a group or a friend who likes board games and will play face-to-fave games, then you might want to get 1989, especially if you think the price is better. But if you don't, you may want to think about a digital game of TS on Steam. You may also want to check out the reviews on Dice Tower by Tom Vassal because he has reviewed both of them. Also, I would think that you can find other reviews on youtube. 1989 is also by GMT, and I think most of their games are quality. Personally, I like the global aspect of TS and the sudden death of a possible nuclear war. 1989 was also a special moment in history, but I know that I am more likely to play TS. I hope this helps.
  8. I know that TS have been number one for a long time and 1989 is right now ~600 on bgg. Is Twilight Struggle really superior mechanically or it's just the theme that is more popular because more people know about the cold war? I'm from Poland so the theme of 1989 is much closer to me, and also the game is 3-5 times cheaper. Would I miss out much by buying 1989 instead of TS? Sarkari job
  9. Recently read a book Angel Valley Labyrinth stating their is a connection to some labyrinths having a fingerprint pointing toward the gods. Does anyone think the movie has any deep roots as well?
  10. Hello, The registration period for the Online Twilight Struggle League (Season 3) has opened up. You can register for Season 3 at https://forms.gle/g1JJrMvyPUzZNkDZ6 Registration Ends: 23 Apr 2021 Season 3 Starts: 01 May 2021 The format and rules are still being finalized. But here is what you can expect. Game Setup: 90 min timer, +2 USA, optional cards Total Games: 12 - 18 games (regular season) + more for those who qualify for playoffs Pace of Play: 1 game every 10 days, you will play everyone in your division once, plus some out of division games (around 4-6 games) Divisions: Skill levels distributed amongst divisions based on ITSR (new players are base 5000 rating) I strongly encourage you to join the league Discord channel for the most up to date information about the league. Discord Channel = https://discord.gg/CeF9QtB You can also visit our league website at https://www.twilight-league.com/ Craig Richards Commissioner, Online Twilight Struggle League (OTSL) www.twilight-league.com
  11. The DLC expansions that I bought for the steam version of ascension a few months ago can't be used in the game. The DLC sets have the lock symbol as if I didn't own them already, and trying to add one to the game sends me to the screen where you can view or buy cards. How can I regain access to the expansions I own?
  12. Played last night. The "Iran" card seems broken.
  13. Hi, a couple days ago I bought Lords of waterdeep on steam and android, I still haven't received the email with the activation instructions for the online account, so I can't play online multiplayer. I've written twice to support@playdekgames.com but I haven't received any answers, can anybody help me?
  14. The computer player doesn't seem to understand the concept of winning by Europe control. Even when I control all the battleground countries in Europe AND AI player has the Europe scoring card, it doesn't attempt to fight the imminent loss, instead doing minor plays around the world. This is a major bug in singleplayer and needs to be fixed, IMO.
  15. The app won't let me disable email and android notifications. In my profile page I select the Notifications button. I deselect both 'Email Notifications' and 'Android Notifications' and then click the 'Close' button. However, when I re-click the Notifications button both notification options have been re-enabled. I am still receiving notifications and cannot turn them off.
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