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Story Discussion [SPOILERS]

story characterization spoilers

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 12:17 AM

Kickstarter Update #40 had a lot of good information about the development of Unsung Story, and part of that was story background. This is what the update revealed:




Sir Vensniel L’Brasca, the “Knight of Knights”, is a character players will encounter early on in Unsung Story. This brave and heroic knight of Alionne is the perfect example of a knight that history books love to retell as the years pass on as his is a story of inspiration and bravery.

When players first encounter Sir Vensniel, he is in the process of planning a diversionary attack on the Jelemond city of Latzera. Jelemond has long been a providence of the Alionne Kingdom, but over the years they have been looking to find a way to assert their independence. Sensing this desire, the Jheksal Empire has invaded Jelemond to take this providence away from the Alionne Kingdom, an act that would become the catalyst of the Seventy-Seven Years’ War.

Sir Vensniel has been tasked with creating a diversion to bring the Jheksal troops stationed in Latzera out of the city walls in order to allow Alionne forces time to advance on the city. The player will take part in this diversionary act as a member of this tactics squad led by this great Knight. Is the plan a success? Is Sir Vensniel able to leave this battle unscathed? Only the history books know at this time…



In addition, the Official Unsung story Wiki has a few World articles featuring writing by Yasumi Matsuno that give some backstory for the world and hint at some story developments that might take place during Unsung Story.


What does everyone think of what's been revealed of the story so far? What thoughts or ideas do you have for Unsung Story?


One thing I've noticed is that so far the story seems to be developing along the same lines as Yasumi Matsuno's other works, like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. That's not a bad thing, because he's a talented writer and has shown he handles these kind of genre stories very well. However, one commonality across typical fantasy stories is that characters tend to be divded into factions that clearly fall into protagonist or antagonist role.


However, something that might set Unsung Story appart from a typical fantasy story is the number of different perspectives and different timeframes, as described on the Kickstarter. That gives it the opportunity to explore the events of the story through different characters, which means a more nuanced view of characters and the plot could be possible. I'd really like to see Unsung Story leverage this as much as possible, because those multiple perspectives can create a more in-depth and memorable story.


Overall, it's good to see the amount of detail that's gone into the backstory for Unsung Story so far. Looking forward to seeing more of it as the story develops!

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