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A quick geek out about finding this game

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#1 GrayGriffon



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Posted 08 May 2015 - 05:14 AM

Okay, First of all... I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is! I just recently discovered this game was being developed, and since I've been playing the FFT and FFTA games almost as long as I can remember...

Well. This is like a dream come true for me!

If I had a nickle for every time I dreamed about a second FFT or FFTA I would probably have a modest handful of extremely shinny nickles. (Okay so one of my dreams came true with FFTA2... but that is neither here nor there.)

My older brother found "Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together" about a year ago on sale for 10$ the PSP. He bought a copy, and after realizing what it was, quickly bought me a copy as well. We have both dumped 50+ of hours into it at this point and have only just slowed down. I love the "Tactics" line of games and have never been able to find another series that truly does its formula justice.

needless to say, I am more excited then words can really describe that this game will be coming to fruition.

I know you guys won't let us down playdek!


P.S. I missed the kickstarter campaign you guys ran to fund this thing a while back. Any way I can still hop on board to become a "Backer"? (If not, no worries of course  ;) Just curious.)

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#2 Gesser


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Posted 11 May 2015 - 07:27 PM

If I remember correctly, you are able to back still--though I've forgotten how or where.


However, I wouldn't get my hopes up any longer...


We've had zero activity from them for 9 1/2 weeks & other similar periods of inactivity before then.


They continue to drop the ball & many people are starting to feel like they got their money stolen.


Playdek hasn't even bothered to give us an updated release schedule, with the original estimated release still set to July of this year.


Being so close to July, the responsible thing to do would be to update us with a new ETA.


But since they're inactive & presumably thieves, I wouldn't hope for anything.


Save your money, honestly :-/

#3 Melodia



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Posted 12 May 2015 - 05:44 AM

I would hope not. It's be an extreme shame having Matsuno and Sakimoto's names associated with 'thieves'.

#4 Shyla


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Posted 14 May 2015 - 11:22 PM

Your enthusiasm is great GrayGriffen!


Right now we do not have a method available to back the project, but if that opens up we will be sure to let you know. :)


Gesser and Melodia, the project is still being worked on, and Mr. Matsuno, Mr. Yoshida, and Mr. Sakimoto are still very much involved (Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder for that fact too). We do still plan to uphold all obligations of the campaign, including the consultant tiers. While I don't have anything official about an ETA on the timeline just yet as that is being looked into, we will be posting an update tomorrow that will discuss turn actions during battles, some information about equipment in the game, and the map found on these forums as well as another piece of art not previously released yet that will help give out more of an idea on how the world will look. And once we do have a development schedule ready to share with everyone, you can bet we will do so.

#5 Gesser


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Posted 18 May 2015 - 02:31 AM

So... what do you have to show for the work on the project? One update in ten weeks that demonstrates the very basics of any TRPG in writing.


It's being worked on by all those people, why can't you give us a stronger update for the long dry-spell?


Also upsetting is how many times you were active over these 10 weeks & responded not once.


What I'm hearing is that you guys plan to do (virtually) the bare minimum & no more.


It's very disappointing/frustrating/sad is all... especially when things have changed in development that were core pennants of what we paid for (triangular, six-point system). And when we go purposefully ignored/neglected due to this adverse attitude toward your Backers.

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