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    1. Battle Discussions and Find Games

      Talk with your fellow competitors here and share your recent victories over your opponents and set up new games against one another!

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    3. Lords of Waterdeep

      Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game for 2-5 players. You take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city.

    4. Agricola

      Agricola is a turn-based board game played in six Stages and 14 Rounds. On a turn, players place a family member token on a location in town in order to collect resources or to take actions to improve their farm. The player with the most productive and advanced farm at the end of 14 rounds is the winner.

    5. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

      Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is the first officially licensed deck building card game for iOS. Play alone or with friends to battle against the Fallen One for honor and victory. You must summon powerful Heroes and Constructs to aid you in your battles. The player who gains the most Honor Points will lead his army to defeat the Fallen One and earn the title of Godslayer

    6. Summoner Wars

      Summoner Wars is a popular fantasy card game where players take on the role of a Summoner. Players cast spells and summon warriors to a battlefield and tactically maneuver them in an effort to defeat their opponent’s summoner.

    7. Tanto Cuore

      Designed by Masayuki Kudou and brought to you by Playdek, Tanto Cuore features classic anime art and easy-to-play mechanics. Players hire maids to staff their mansion with the goal of becoming King of Maids by acquiring the most Victory Points in this deck-building game..

    8. Nightfall

      Nightfall brings Alderac Entertainment Group's modern horror deck-building game to iOS. As a Universal iOS game application, Nightfall provides a fantastic world and unique game mechanics to everyone with an appropriate iPod, iPhone or iPad.

    9. Penny Arcade the Game: Gamers vs Evil

      Welcome to the world of Penny Arcade! This deck-building card game lets the player engage as Gabe, Tycho, or one of their dauntless allies in an epic battle against Evil! Your path is beset by foes like Dark Tycho, the infamous and infectious cauldron of disease PAX Pox and other Evils that stand in your way of becoming the Master Gamer!

    10. Fluxx

      Fluxx begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards... add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.

    11. Food Fight

      Food Fight iOS brings the original card game to life and featuring the original's Draft mechanic. Food Fight iOS also presents iOS specific features: a quicker Boot Camp mode and an innovative Campaign mode. Play against others online or via hot-seat, or against the AI in offline mode.

    12. Can't Stop

      In Can't Stop, once you've started this intense dice game you just can't stop! You’ll go for the dice again and again only to risk losing it all on a single roll. Use four 6-sided dice and a “push-your-luck” strategy to climb your pieces to the top of the board! Once three columns are claimed the game ends!

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