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  1. Thank you for your quick answer! Then I shall keep an eye out for this feature, in case you actually decide to implement it some time
  2. When creating a new singleplayer (offline) game, one can adjust the Honor pool size by increasing (but not lowering) it beyond the standard pool size. In multiplayer (online) games, the Honor pool is fixed at its standard size. While this is good to keep game length short, sometimes it might be nice to play a game with friends using a larger pool. Is there a reason the Honor pool cannot be increased in multiplayer as it can be in singleplayer? (or am I overlooking something, and this can be done already?) Maybe if it is not wanted in games with random opponents (joined using "Find Game"), then perhaps it could be introduced for games played only with friends (i.e. with all opponents invited from the friend list), and with a clear indicator in the game list that this game uses a modified Honor pool? And if turns with too many cards are a problem, the Honor pool could be capped (maybe at 2-3 times its standard size)? Maybe the developers could be so kind and take such a feature under consideration? Thank you
  3. Similar to others here I am getting no sound with the notifications on Android (Samsung Galaxy Note devices). Is there a solution for this by now, maybe some workaround, or is this a persistant bug in the app? A colleague plays Ascension on iOS, and the notifications on his device come with a clearly audible sound. I'd much rather prefer getting a sound to periodically checking the device whether it's my turn again. I have not noticed the other issue mentioned here, notifications don't tend to disappear / stop after a while (though I occasionally had the feeling that a single notification got lost, this might be some effect of the mobile network, though). Notifications also appear to work fine with multiple devices.
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