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  1. I wish the final scoring round would feature more drama. Go to each region and score one at a time, show the score tick up and down. I also have their game Ascension and it too features complete zero drama for the final score. I know you're not asking for drama. But I support your desire for there being more to it.
  2. Well yes I am. Is it a bug, or just the interface being incomplete, or intentional. And I found it in the list my second time reading it. I'd suggest the name of the cards be the first words after each bullet point.
  3. OK I noticed it on my 2nd reading. First time through I missed it
  4. Yes I know. That's obviously what I said. It forces you to. This is the bug thread so obviously I'm posting this because it's a problem.
  5. SALT forces you to take a card. Maybe not a bug. Perhaps they are unaware the interface doesn't give you the option not to take a card.
  6. Yeah I'm posting about that all over the forums. They aren't responding. I just want to know if it's a bug, unknown issue or they meant to change the rule to mandatory. In which case they MUST remove "may" from the text.
  7. Just got the official Android release and it features horrible new in game music. Trombones and snare drums, really! It's terrible. Who's making these decisions? The ambient sound with random noises was far far better. At least offer a choice.
  8. Which it does, intentionally. Somewhere Playdek said they would award a game that ends at 0 to be a win for the US. There's some technical reason, I think, that makes it more difficult to let it be a draw.
  9. Just throwing this in here, I don't think the AI has improved much. I just defeated it by Europe control in AR3.
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