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  1. I just ran into this issue last night. To echo Benkyo's comments, knowing the victory conditions in advance would have changed the way I played the game. For example - to reach the threshold of 6 points, I played in a fashion that sacrificed board position for VPs. I only had a way to get to 6 points, no further, but my opponent had a healthy board advantage and this was looking to be my only realistic escape. So, I allowed a bad board to get worse only to find that at 6 pts War Games would still lose me the game. As you said, the game warned me only at that point that I would lose, but this was after the damage was done. Would you be willing to modify the text on the War Games card to highlight that a tie score awards victory to the non-phasing player? This would help prevent similar instances where a player commits to a plan that they learn to be digitally unsupported until it's too late.
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