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  1. Welcome to the Support and Suggestion forums for Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis All suggestions and support requests are welcome here! Do you have a suggestion that will enhance your gaming experience? Post it up! Did you find something in the game that you think is a potential bug? Post it up! Did you come across something that isn't working properly in the game? Post it up! We will be able to use all posts in this section to locate and squish all bugs reported and to find ways to help improve your gaming experiencing! If you are having an issue with the game and cannot find an answer here feel free to email us support@playdekgames.com Be sure to include: Playdek account email User name Game you are experiencing this issue with Device you are playing on OS installed on the device Details about the issue Any steps you have taken to resolve the issue Some easy steps you can try to take before contacting us is to: Uninstall the game Turn off all other applications Restart your device Reinstall the game Sometimes a fresh install of the game can fix a handful of the issues we see come in so if you want you can always start with these steps. Thank you!
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