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  1. Now I remember why I can't stand internet message boards. Forget it, you'll never see another post from me. I don't have the time in my life to put up with whiners. If a mod could delete this account I would be grateful, because I can't figure out how to delete it from the control panel.
  2. Dominion is probably the overall best deck-building game I have played.I have been playing it since 2009, and it still never gets old. Lots of strategy with that one and not much luck. Recently a very good one has come out called Arctic Scavengers. It has taken over both Dominion and Ascension in our group for most played deck-builder. Again, it is a very strategic one. My group generally doesn't play games with a lot of luck, but we make an exception for Ascension because it is so fun!
  3. This post is full of incorrect information. I would urge new players to disregard it. For one, you don't need to banish any cards that have point value, as points on cards are added up at the end of the game. Don't banish void or enlightened cards from your hand. Don't banish Mystics and Heavy Infantry. They all add points to your score at the end of the game. Secondly, a game of Ascension barely lasts more than 15 turns, not 30 like this post suggests. Remember that you are only going to play 15 hands at the most in most games. The third and most harmful piece of misinformation here is that 75% of the center deck is cards that cost runes. This is simply untrue. It depends on the expansion, but generally about 40% of the deck is monsters. Buying attack is only marginally worse than buying runes, and you absolutely should buy attack if there are a lot of monsters. I have over 400 wins online, and it is absolutely crucial to know when to buy attack or runes. You will barely ever banish cards from your hand that have point value. Only do it if it is seriously going to clog your hand for multiple turns!
  4. A mistake many new players to Ascion seem to make is not knowing when to stop buying cards for their effects, and start buying them for their value. As the game progresses into the late turns, you have a smaller chance of drawing the cards you buy (unless you got some awesome banish early on). Therefore the victory points the card is worth start to become more important than what the cards do when played. Towards the end, you want to start picking up cards that have good value. That is to say the cards give a good number of points per their rune value. A 4 rune card giving two points is standard. But a 4 rune card giving 3 points is a good value. The best value cards are the "one for one" cards and Mechana Constructs. If you see the victory point pool is getting low, concentrate on grabbing as many high value cards as possible. For some reason, many new players fail to do this, and it really hurts them in the final scoring.
  5. I would like to re-emphasize the advice of not hitting "play all." There are many cards in many sets that let you banish things out of your hand. I personally drag the cards individually, just to avoid goofing by hitting "play all." If you want to buy something that costs 3 runes, drag the cards for 3 ruins, then buy it before playing more cards. The card that flops might let you do something like banish out of your hand. "Play all" should really be avoided IMO. Another simple tip is to learn the value of cards by seeing which ones opponents buy up right away. There is a reason everybody buys Lifebound Muse; she's worth 3 points and if energized can let you acquire any hero in the game, even if they cost 9 runes. So look for cards that people buy a lot, and try to figure out why they are good cards.
  6. Banish early and banish often. The number one tip that helped my Ascension game was to learn how important it is to banish. Banishing gets rid of your bad cards (Militia are the worst) and lets you draw hands full of good cards. I am convinced that it is the most important basic strategy in the game. There are many excellent cards that can banish, the best ones let you banish and replace the banished card in your hand with a better card. I will always beat a player who skips on picking up banish cards early in the game, because I pick them up instead. Banish cards are strongest in the early game, and eventually become somewhat worthless once you've banished all your starting cards. You don't need to flood your deck with banish cards, but pick up at least a couple as early as possible. This simple strategy will have you winning a lot more games. Try it out if you don't use it already!
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