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  1. @Gweis: Then please also fix the other bug where if you play Non-Aligned Movement yourself (for its event), the app does not let you select a country to remove all its influence. It was already mentioned twice in this topic but benkyo did not add it to the list yet. For an example, see game #176437, turn 5, action round US 3. @Benkyo: Can you please add both bugs regarding Non-Aligned Movement to the list? Thanks.
  2. I have a request to the game developers: Can the replay function please be enhanced? Sometimes it's just fun to watch a replay of a game you liked. And also it could be a valuable analysis tool to improve your skills. Right now you can already scroll back in the game log to see which card was played and what was done with it. But which cards did you have in hand at that time? And which cards did the other player have in his hand actually? I have the following specific requests to improve game replays: - Show player's hand at the time of playing the card - Show the position on the board at the time of playing the card (rather than only the final position) - Make it possible to see the other player's hand - Make it possible to see replays of games of other players as a neutral spectator (so games you were not even playing in), for example games played by users in your friend list. I hope these are reasonable and feasible ideas. I also am curious what other people think of this idea, so please comment if you support them!
  3. While we're at it, why not make the time per player manual? I propose a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 90 days and any amount of time can be set manually within this range.
  4. I stand corrected. Thanks gweis for your speedy reply and also thanks for looking into a clearer display to avoid confusion next time! (I also changed my rating again to 5 stars!)
  5. I have a new bug to add: the app disregards North Sea Oil and does not allow you to play a scoring card in the 8th action round. You can read more in the separate topic that I opened. This turned out to be not really a bug, but still gweis will make the presentation of North Sea Oil clearer to avoid confusion. Thanks for the reply, gweis!
  6. I would like to report a BUG. Please check game #174047. I had a scoring card in hand and North Sea Oil was in effect so I could play an 8th action round. It was my intention to play the scoring card in the 8th action round, but the app decided to already end my turn after the 7th action round and then the app said I lost the game because I was still holding a scoring card!! That is why I now rate the app 1 star in Google Play. I will give 5 stars again after the bug is fixed. Thank you in advance. EDIT: My bad, apparently North Sea Oil was played in the previous turn. Still it could be made clearer, as gweis also writes (see below). Compliments for the speedy reply!
  7. Why haven't I received any key or invitation yet? Here are my details again: Kickstarter e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com Kickstarter name: Maarten Ronteltap Playdek e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com Playdek name: EmperorAtahualpa Steam account name: MaartenRonteltap Steam e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com I don't know what else you could possibly need...and Shyla you're not replying to my private message either.
  8. Kickstarter e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com Kickstarter name: Maarten Ronteltap Playdek e-mail: maartenronteltap@gmail.com Playdek name: EmperorAtahualpa
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