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  1. Game #281373 As the USSR, I unwisely played Non-Aligned Movement as headline while there were no eligible countries to remove Influence from. Now, instead of ending the card play with no action, I'm presented with the choice of removing US influence from any country on the map (i.e. even countries not listed on the card and countries with no USSR Influence in), with no possibility to decline. Before the bug is addressed in an update, could you force my game to pass directly to Turn 4, USSR AR1 so I can avoid altering it with an irregular play? Thanks
  2. I wish I had read your post before using Salt Negotiantions to take Non-Aligned Movement back from the discard pile, only to see the bug in action...again
  3. I'm trying to duplicate the issue in single player... but I can't. Now I think I definitely misplayed the card.
  4. Game #174761 I don't know if I misplayed the card, but it seems that I wasn't allowed to select a country to remove both US and USSR influence.
  5. Effects of the 4-5 result for the "1945 UK election" aren't working: Socialist Governments event is active on turns 1 and 2.
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