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  1. It's really minor problem for me, but I would like fully understand this implementation. What does it acctually matter, who takes action round( like it is resolved for DEFCON victories) either who plays the Wargames ? Suppose VPs at 6 in favor US and USSR player plays Star Wars (or Five Year Plan), so it is currently USSR Action Round if US player play Wragames resolving such an event and chooses to end the game does he(she) still lose the game?
  2. Please add 60 min time limit. Currently there are 45 min and 90 min options and it's too big gap between them. And as far as I know 1-hour time limit is often used in online tournaments.
  3. Maybe because they finally realised that the term 'Success' isn't really appropriate here. Just my guess though.
  4. Che card says: "The USSR may perform a Coup Attempt, using this card’s Operations value, against a non-Battleground country in Central America, South America or Africa. The USSR may perform a second Coup Attempt, against a different non-Battleground country in Central America, South America or Africa, if the first Coup Attempt removed any US Influence from the target country." I don't see usage of 'Success' term here.
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