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  1. Incredible A paid app that has no support!!!!!!!!! No mail, no facebook, no twitter, no forum.... "Great work" playdeck if I could I will ask all the money I spend on your apps. I have all your apps and in app purchases, some of them twice (IOS and Android) and you don't have a customer support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • D&D Lords of Waterdeep • Agricola • Summoner Wars • Nightfall • Tanto Cuore • Food Fight iOS • Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs Evil • Fluxx • Can’t Stop
  2. Hi I''m having problems with my summoner wars in android 5.1.1 I have no turn notification, I had it but It disappears I've uninstall and reinstall many many time (more than 50) with no result. I've also written to playdeck support many many time with no answer (thanks play deck to ignore a customer who have bought all the factions) Could anybody help me? Thanks
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