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  1. I'm pretty sure the rules state that in the event of a tie, the win is given to the US, as the game has US creators, thus there can be no ties
  2. So in game #112075 on Turn 5, the USSR player headlined CMC. I then headlined Grain Sales. I drew Warsaw Pact with it. At that time I wanted to remove influence from Turkey so I could then replace it, but I had no option to as I normally would have. The card states the player may remove influence at any time, which would include the Headline Phase.
  3. On the topic of statistics, as a bit of QoL, it would be nice if we could see statistics at the end of the game for players. How many ops in hand/game, Avg roll for coup/space. Possibly others as well depending on what people would be interested in seeing.
  4. I also just lost game #102301 due to this... As mentioned previously, I am aware that I should be able to skip playing a card to play a scoring card in the last AR of Quagmire. I didn't attempt to drag the card into the Quagmire slot because it requires a 2+ op card and the scoring card is considered 0 ops. Naturally I selected SKIP, and then I lose w/o any warning or option to play my scoring card... Very frustrating and feel this was implemented poorly. Edit: I feel like the implementation of this should be more like Blockade, where you Have the option of dragging a card or skipping. If you skip you AND hold a scoring card then have the option of playing a scoring card before ending your turn.
  5. Hi, I was just curious to see what algorithm is being used to calculate rating. I'd love to see the math behind it, thanks.
  6. It may fall under similar circumstance of both players holding scoring cards at the end of a turn. I also know that sometimes the China Card is used as a tie-breaker as well. The very last entry here: http://www.gmtgames.com/nnts/FAQv5.pdf
  7. I've noticed with the Arab-Israeli War card, when choosing which action to take, there is no commit button like other cards. This means that if you're US and misplace your influence the war happens automatically w/o an option to undo and replace.
  8. Several times now, and on 2 different PC's I've encountered the issue where once all Influence has been placed, the game doesn't register that it has. Usually it would ask for either a Commit action or just continue to the other players turn, but instead there's just the oversized influence left on the screen where they were placed. The only way I've found to fix this is to exit the game and re-join and then re-do the action and hope it sticks. This has happened several times when either player has been placing influence. When this happens while I'm placing, the clock counts down for my turn when I have no option to commit and for fast games this can be very time consuming over the course of the game.
  9. @OP: The card works as a trade. So when played at the end of the US AR, you're giving the opponent the whole card, not just 2 ops. Since he had ME in his hand during the headline phase he can use it as a headline event, at which point, the card would be traded back to the US player who would be forced to use it during their next AR as ops. Does that help explain why it he's legally allowed to play ME during headline phase?
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