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  1. Would you be willing to share your raw data?
  2. The point is that it is possible in go and in chess it's very likely. The original question was what kind of system wouldn't allow a draw and why can that system not be changed? I'm not even expecting an answer. The original answer was really unsatisfactory, however. I was particularly irked by the notion that we should be disappointed by a draw after a long game. Frankly, I would be pretty bloody disappointed if I played a two-hour game only to discover that the developer had tweaked the rules that resulted in me losing the game instead of forcing a draw.
  3. You can have draws in both go and chess. A player can pass specifically to force a draw if both players have the same score. In chess, draws are very common.
  4. I'm still kind of curious about what kind of system doesn't allow draws. It's obviously not set up for two of the oldest, most competitive games in the history of humankind. What games don't allow draws? And who owns this system that it can't be changed?
  5. The iPad app still crashes a lot. You cannot exit out of a game to view the main screen without a crash. There is no background mode. If you go to another app (e.g., iMessage), there is no way to get back into TS without it rebooting the app from scratch. This involves splash screen, main screen, loading, etc. Or it will crash... In general, it's quite unresponsive. I understand that this might be a Unity bug, but it would be good to get the issue acknowledged. One more bug that is really annoying: autocorrect is not turned on for the chat. You have no idea how useful autocorrect is until it's not there.
  6. I have to say that 45 days is an absurd amount of time. I'm kind of glad there isn't an option for unlimited time as I've had some opponents who just simply stopped playing and ran out the clock.
  7. This is still the case in the newest version.
  8. AI blunders is too big of an issue. I think the focus should be on replicable events. The AI changes unpredictably.
  9. Why? I really don't understand why you would do this.
  10. I think you have to sacrifice yourself for the common good, If it really does give the victory to the USSR, that would be a big problem!
  11. Do we know when the Build Notes for will come out?
  12. SALT should not force you to take a card. Read the card's text.
  13. A new release came out yesterday, but I cannot find any list of what bugs were fixed. Has anyone else found anything?
  14. When you score either Middle East or Asia while under Shuttle Diplomacy, it displays the VP counts as if Shuttle Diplomacy was not in play but the end result is correct.
  15. There's a thread on BGG here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1687161/salt-event-mandatory Playdek forces you to take a card with SALT Negotiations which, in the case described in the link, ends up being very bad for the USSR player. SALT Negotiations should not force you to draw a card from the discard.
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