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  1. Current system just doesn't work. Just yesterday I went online, created a game, and a 1100 rated player joined. Will all due respect - no. I created another game and the same player joined that as well. I created another game and a 1500 rated player joined. How on earth can I find a suitably strong opponent, if for most of the time the seats in my games are taken by players I don't want to play against?? Yes, I know about the "Quick Filter", but AFAIK it can't be cancelled, it just has a validity period. So, if I start that, I am effectively prevented from looking for an opponent on the list of created games, since if I join another game, somebody might join the game I created, automatically starting it. And then suddenly I have 2 games running simultaneously, which really doesn't work with timer set to 45 minutes per game. I realize that fixing the long list of bugs takes some time, which you are not willing to spend, but the rating filter is already implemented and just needs to be applied! On behalf of many frustrated players with that problem, would you please spend 1 man-day and implement a simple feature that should have been there from the start?
  2. Ziemowit

    Bug with CMC and Grain Sales

    I believe DoomsDay meant removing influence from Turkey as a part of deactivating the CMC event. I can confirm there is a bug with the allowed timings of CMC influence removal, although I have only seen a different case so far. It's not possible to place influence in a relevant country (like on Cuba with Liberation Theology) and then immediately remove 2 of it, thus cancelling CMC. I have informed Playdek about it some weeks ago and hopefully they will fix it soon.
  3. Ziemowit

    Checking US hand after Aldrich Ames

    If it just shows in the summary, then I guess it's not updated. It's not just the case of Ask Not... - under Ames the Soviet player should be always able to see the opponent's hand just like he sees his own, without having to remember what has already been played. It should be either in another card tab (next to the ones with player's cards, discards and removed), or in a popup shown after clicking on the US cards icon in the top left corner.
  4. Is there a way to see the US hand when Aldrich Ames is active? Currently it only shows the US cards when the event is played, but I can't find a way to see the cards during the remainder of the turn - and there should be one.
  5. It happened in a recent online game. I was playing USSR, and in headline I gave up Cuban Missile Crisis due to Missile Envy. At the moment I had no inf on Cuba. Later during the turn my opponent played Fidel, so I did get enough inf on Cuba to cancel CMC. When I tried to do that, the entire application (PC version) slowed down considerably, and started beeping repeatedly - beeps like when removing influence, but much more than 2 of them. Waiting didn't help. Only when I exited the game and came back, things went back to normal.
  6. Ziemowit

    Bidding - How Does It Work?

    Yeah, bidding is tricky. If you want to bid 2 inf handicap to the US, you have to set the number to 2 and click on the USSR. The bidding side is set as the US by default, which doesn't make any sense - nobody bids to be USA.
  7. Perhaps this is a clever workaround for the earlier issue of games won + lost not adding up to "completed". Regardless of whether forfeits were added on either side.
  8. Ziemowit

    3 quick questions about Rating

    And when will finally this rating be fully useful, like 5) Publish the live rating list in the game or on the web? 6) Add a rating filter to the game creation screen, like virtually every other game with rating has.
  9. Like in the title - I would like for my created game to be visible only to people within specified rating brackets. Honestly, it's a standard feature for rating-based games - all decent chess servers have it, for example.
  10. Ziemowit

    Ranking algorithm

    What value of tau parameter did you choose?
  11. Like in the title - current DEFCON level is marked only by a barely visible glowing rectangle. Since mil ops, space and all the other data can be visibly presented, could you please also make current DEFCON level information less subtle?
  12. Ziemowit

    First game - bug report summary

    Update to item 2 - there is no rating change info at the end only in the case of games won on time. Issue still valid, as of yesterday.
  13. Seriously, for me it's useless and annoying, especially the constant pulsing. Shouldn't be hard to implement an option to make it gone. Edit: Never mind, found the option :-)
  14. 1. Game ended with my victory on time. Yet the displayed information was that my opponent forfeited the game. That is misleading - there should be a different message for it. Plus, it really wasn't a "crushing victory" - some diversity perhaps? 2. In the game summary the popup with rating change info was displayed, but there were no numbers in it. 3. After the game finished, but before I clicked ok, my time was still flowing - perhaps it's just a minor annoyance, but please verify what happens, when the winning player's time ends. I don't know the game's number, but it is the first one I played (same nick and email like in the forum), so you should have no trouble finding it. By the way - it would be nice if there was a way to look at your finished games, not just the summary.