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  1. That's actually fine, as far as I know. The Missile Envy effect does not survive the trip to the discard pile. It is in force as long as the card stays in hand, potentially across multiple AR (as when Red Scare/Purge and Quagmire are in effect, for example), but you can definitely run into situations as you did where it gets discarded.
  2. That's a pretty serious bug. Do you have to use the 6th (+7th) influence to break control for it to work? I guess the reason the bug went undiscovered for so long is that it's so unlikely that anyone would do that.
  3. It turns out the bug is in the detailed regional breakdown graphics, but does not affect the calculation on the overall final scoring screen, which is correct. I'd post the screenshots, but this forum won't let me.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I still hold out a faint hope that even 18 months on from the last patch Playdek will actually finish this game, but I suspect that something terrible happened, like, all the programmers who worked on it got fired during a rough patch of financial troubles.
  5. No, the same restrictions will apply to any card played. It's just that you start the game at Defcon 5 and you don't usually go for long without your opponent getting influence in a Mid War region.
  6. To expand a little on the answer above, you can click on the Defcon track or look for the mushroom cloud icons to see which regions you cannot perform coups or realignments in at certain Defcon levels. 5: No restrictions 4: Europe 3: Asia 2: Middle East In your example, the only battleground coup targets available are in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East (often referred to as "early war regions") and Defcon is 2, so no coups are possible.
  7. Confirmed to work correctly, game gives you the option to play UN Intervention for the event after the reveal of a USSR card. Still curious about Missile Envy > UN Intervention in the headline.
  8. OK, so we know that the app is bugged in that it allows UN Intervention to be played in the headline when it is drawn by Grain Sales to Soviets. Is there a similar problem when Missile Envy draws UN Intervention? (this is really hard to test!) What really prompted this post though, is the ruling from the FAQ that I just uncovered: Q. Can a player use UN intervention on a card received through Grain Sales? A. Yes. It works like this: 1. Play grain sales 2. Take the opponent’s card into your hand. 3. play it (with or without UN INTERVENTION) or 3. Return it I never knew that UN Intervention could be used in this way. I'm quite surprised by the FAQ. Anyway, can anyone confirm that the app does not allow this use of UN Intervention outside of the headline? I'm kind of assuming it doesn't, but I want to be sure before adding it to the list of known bugs.
  9. Sounds like you just described standard PRNG. The important thing is that the "repeatable pattern" is long enough (we're talking about numbers thousands of digits long) and that there is no way for us to predict the next number in the sequence. I don't see any reason why they would fail to provide such basics.
  10. No. I think it is very very hard to screw up an RNG these days. I'd be very surprised if they had. There would also be a much bigger outcry, lots of hardcore stats analysis going in forums, etc., etc. Hell, you usually get that anyway, even when the RNG is fine. It just doesn't seem to be an issue.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Can you confirm which visual is at fault? Let's say VP is at 0, No space race advance (opponent has advanced 1), and "One small step" is played. I assume the VP total correctly stays at 0, I'm guessing the "visual bug" is an award of 1 VP in the popup. Does the tab display correctly?
  12. You aren't the first person to mention that bug - I remember a Steam comment saying the same thing, but they never followed up with details. Have you tested it? Does it always give 1 VP?
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