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  1. Oh, they go into discard that fast. That explains it.
  2. On turn 7 I headlined Red scare. On AR 1 AI plays Red scare to place influence (with one less ops since he is under red scare). I was playing against the AI on IOS 1.0.4(60).
  3. Writing text with special characters like å ä ö in the chat will strip characters of the end of the string when sent. Actually each special char seem to remove one char from the end. Example: This is a sträng will appear as This is a strän and See whät I cän do will appear as See whät I cän This might seem silly in the US or UK but here in Sweden we like our special chars, they are cool. Warning: dots does not necessarily make everything cooler, like when Troja wanted to be as cool as Mötley crüe. (A tröja is not really considered hard rock)
  4. I think OP is correct about the rules (check rules p12). Have never played the 'Late war scenario' though. There might be a bug in the win conditions.
  5. I have experienced lockups during reshuffling too a couple of times. I usually click around in the player hand area and it comes back to life again.
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