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  1. What you say makes some sense. There are other situations where Missile Envy could be discarded before the next action round where it would be playable. I tried to explore them on BGG.
  2. I was playing USSR against USA AI. On turn 4, I headlined Missile Envy and got Muslim Revolution back. On AR1, I played ANWYCCDFY and AI did the strangest thing: discard Missile Envy! Then it played another card for its AR. I don't think the rules allow that. "Opponent must use this card for Operations during his next action round." That's not what it did.
  3. I was happy to see an update to TS today. Could we please have a bugfix list?
  4. Well, it is true that the game has not seen any improvement lately, despite that several bugs have been logged. Even this forum has slowed to a crawl.
  5. In game #556321, I, as USSR, played Shuttle Diplomacy on the last action round of turn 10. No scoring cards were played after. On final scoring, the game reduced my battleground count for both Asia and Middle East by one, and I lost the game at score zero instead of winning at score -1. The text of the Shuttle Diplomacy card explicitly says that the event Does not count for Final Scoring at the end of Turn 10.
  6. This is something that I noticed several times: Me and my adversary bid exactly the same thing, e.g., +1 for USSR. The program tells me that my adversary won the bid, and that I will play US with +1 extra unit. But when the game begins, it's the converse: I get to play the USSR and my adversary has the US with +1 unit.
  7. Hi all, Here's a tentative list of AI obvious mistakes in Twilight Struggle version I am not attempting to list complex, long-term strategy mistakes that make AI loose games, only blunders that lead to a quick, but easily avoidable loss. - AI plays "CIA CREATED" as USSR, or "LONE GUNMAN" as US, while DEFCON is at 2, and it could have held the card to the next turn. - As USSR, AI plays "WARSAW PACK FORMED" while US has no influence in Eastern Europe, but does not place any influence. - AI plays a card that reduces its hand (like "SOUTH AMERICAN DEBT CRISIS" for the US or "FIVE YEAR PLAN" for the USSR) while holding DEFCON suicide card(s) and DEFCON is at 2. - AI does not play a scoring card before end of turn (found in, maybe fixed in - AI ignores imminent threat of Europe control by its opponent. - AI never boycotts "OLYMPIC GAMES", even when giving 2 points to its opponent would mean loosing the game. - AI space races some of its own cards for no apparent gain. If you have encountered other situations where AI made obvious mistakes, please report them in this thread.
  8. Benkyo, Do you want to include "AI blunders" in the bug list, or do you prefer that a new "Complete AI bug list" is started? I ask because you started this thread. The most common AI mistake that I encountered was the play of "CIA CREATED" by USSR at DEFCON 2, while it could hold the card. I could add some others.
  9. Here's another bug with the new "Alternate Space Race Track": If you reach "Eagle/Bear has Landed", you get: The program only allow you to do it once per turn. A bug, but in my opinion, a more sensible choice, as the rule is IMHO too powerful.
  10. DukeOfLight is wrong. "Chinese Civil War" crisis card reads, for a score of 6: So Taiwan should be a battleground for all purposes, including DEEFCON.
  11. In the case of "Latin American Debt Crisis", it is not surprising that the bug has not been reported before. It is a Late War card, so its presence in the Discard pile only matters if there is a Turn 10 reshuffle, which is uncommon. Even then, you would have to look at the Discard pile just before the reshuffle to notice the bug.
  12. There is an active thread in this forum that tries to list every current bug. Somebody from Playdek is participating. The SALT bug is mentioned there, so I suggest that you follow-up on that thread.
  13. "Playdek" is right. The list of bug fixes above dates from Apr 22.
  14. A new bug I found just today: when "Latin American Debt Crisis" is played, it is placed in the Removed stack, not on the Discard stack as it should be, as it is a recurring event (no star).
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