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  1. So I usually launch a new Late War scenario to show off the game on iPad to friends who like Twilight Struggle but don't know the iPad version. It's usually gets them very excited. It's the pause and then immediate transition into the Jimmy Carter voiceover which is the initial dazzle. But I noticed that with the Turn Zero app update and the new synth snare drum music, when I launch the Late War scenario, the snare drum music starts a few seconds, and then abruptly and incongruently, the Carter voice comes on... the effect is jarring , not pleasing to the ear, and distracting rather than dazzling. Can the snare drum music be switched off here... thanks!!
  2. Non-Aligned Movement bug - this has happened to me in two different games, I haven't seen listed here yet: AI player plays Non-Aligned Movement and chooses to remove all influence from a country with only my influence present (e.g. removing all points from West Germany with only my 4 influence points present! Quite a serious game changing move...) . This is clearly against the rules of the card, which requires the country chosen to have influence present and at equal levels from both sides.
  3. redplenty3000

    The new music! Awful!

    I totally agree with this!! I'm enjoying playing the new update - congratulations on that and the bug fixes too - but the new tacky-sounding synth in-game music was a shock - bad, repetitive and irritating to the point of having to turn it off. There also seems to be less frequent "sounds of history" sound effects, which also takes away from the audio design. The original game's music design was very good. Please return to that or at least offer the option to switch back to that and have none of the tacky-sounding stuff. Plus maybe an option to control the frequency of the sounds of history effects
  4. redplenty3000

    Possible bug? NATO card

    I haven't played the physical card game so maybe this is not a bug (sorry if it is not) but in the iPad game, NATO is playable as a headline event card when the prerequisites for its event have not been fulfilled. When played like this, the card has no effect but is just discarded
  5. redplenty3000

    Bug: Incorrect Defcon warning

    ah right, thank you!
  6. redplenty3000

    Bug: Incorrect Defcon warning

    On playing the card 5 Year Plan as Soviet player, my remaining 2 cards in hard are Defections and Olympic Games. Defcon Level is 2. The commit button is highlighted with a Defcon warning - presumably for Olympic Games, but that would be incorrect as Olympic Games as an either player event cannot be triggered by 5 Year Plan
  7. Playing on the latest iPad version as the Soviet player against AI (game version has CCW and Optional cards), I played Red Scare/Purge for 4 influence points. I spend 3 points on the Chinese Civil War. With 1 point left, the game board flashes US-controlled countries as suggestions, where it should cost 2 points for the first influence level. But it only costs me 1 point. If I don't put 3 points into CCW ( I forgot to check with 1 and 2 points, I dunno if that's affected), the first influence level in US controlled countries costs me the regular 2 influence points.