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  1. Yes, that seems to be the issue. If I turn off Bluetooth so my iPad is not connected to the external keyboard, I get the on-screen keyboard and can log in. (Note: Same issue with in-game chat.) TS is one of a very small number of apps where I have seen this. I hope there's a relatively easy fix. I can't be the only one who prefers a physical keyboard to the touchscreen keyboard.
  2. No, I haven't tried previously or from the Steam version. I briefly got a cursor in the text box and the on-screen keyboard once when I tapped, but when I tried to type on my external keyboard (Logitech keyboard/case w/Bluetooth), it disappeared and I could not get a cursor in the text box (or on-screen keyboard) after that.
  3. I have a Playdek account, but the app will not allow me to type in the email or password box to log in. iPad Air 2 iOS 9.3.2 TS version 1.0.5(62) downloaded today.
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