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  1. I was playing with a friend, we both have busy lives, and we took several breaks of the game over the winter holiday. Neither of us can play while at work. We usually only play one or two actions per day, and some days nothing happens. We still have fun and enjoy playing the game together. Not everyone has the same requirements in life. I played wargames by postal mail in the 1980s. Some of those games took 18 months or more to complete.
  2. It was a 45 day game. I wish there was an option for unlimited time.
  3. Well, that sucks. Is there any way to extend the time limit on a game? We aren't particularly concerned about speedy play, we just want to finish.
  4. We are playing a two player game of Twilight Struggle. Chuck had just played Liberation Theology as Turn 9 USSR AR7 to place influence into Mexico and one other country. I looked at it last night and couldn't decide how to respond, so I logged out. This morning, when I logged in, the game showed as complete with a US forfeit. The game log is rolled back to Turn 9 US AR6, and doesn't show Chuck's play of Liberation Theology on AR7. Is there any way to recover this game? I definitely did not go back in time to AR6 to forfeit!
  5. Why doesn't the game log for an online game include notes about the final scoring round? I just finished a game where the US was up +8 going into the final scoring. The game simply announces that the game is over and the US has won on points. The box in the game log where I would expect to see the final scoring is just an empty white box. The final scoring for regions, China Card, military at end of turn 10, etc. all do not appear in the log and don't seem to have been applied to the score that shows at the top of the page. Here's a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w2569mlgjwvalh/Screenshot%202016-11-18%2006.17.01.png?dl=0
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