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  1. Hi, I flagged this as important because it is really urgent to change this: if you try to change the flag in the Profile section and you want to select the Spanish flag, you will find that the only available flag to select is the one used from 1939 to 1975 which was a pre-constitutional one and was the emblem of the Dictatorship. Since the adoption of Democracy Spain has been using this flag instead. Can you imagine having the Nazi Flag as an option in this game? Sorry but I cannot. The same applies to the Spanish one. Please change it at your earliest convenience!
  2. Oh, dear, I did forfeit the game. I'll try to reproduce but I will be difficult. - I did NOT play TZ. - It was an OFFLINE game. - It happened on Turn 2 and opponent (US) played Five Year Plan (so both Headline cards had a '3' Ops value) and made me discard Defectors. Regards.
  3. Steps to reproduce: Create Offline Game and play as USSR Be lucky and have De-Stalinization in your hand Play De-Stalinization as Headline You hit bug here, De-Stalinization will be ignored and you will play AR1 without benefiting from De-Stalinization. Cheers.
  4. Hi, My Kickstarter name is Javier Barrio and my Playdeck nick is jbarrio. Thanks.
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