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  1. Zantao is correct about being fluid. Your strategy should fit the opening spread and turn order. If your opponent goes first, what did they take and why. Are they racing you to get a good card? Are they playing for a strong power deck? Did they draft a card that could be used in a set? You have to adjust your behavior to suit the game at hand. That said, I have found that I lose most games to having low power decks (inability to kill monsters). To Cliffy's point about the Monster to non-monster card ratio, you should remember that starting decks cannot deal with the monsters so they tend to aggregate until someone kills them. Monsters have decent point to cost ratios and can be worthwhile focusing on. Strategy should dictate your choices but there is value snagging cards with high power values when you can.
  2. Militia are the worst because they often get in the way of a useful buy option and offer little in return. Countless times during play, one militia card will ruin a buy opportunity where I was just missing one rune. In the early game, a race to get a critical card can make all the difference. I always banish the Militia first when given the chance. That said, there are times when I need the extra power to kill a monster. However, that rarely happens in the early game.
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