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  1. Interestingly, I'm in a game currently where I'm US, on +6 VP, and holding Wargames. I was just about to play Wargames to end the game at 0 VP and, according to PlayDek, win. But the Commit button says it will result in USSR victory! I'm scared to test it!
  2. Another bug - I headlined Non-Aligned Movement, and it discarded the top four cards, but didn't give me any opportunity to choose a country to empty of influence. There were plenty of legit candidates.
  3. Can I submit a new bug here? When playing with the new Turn Zero content, on the 1945 UK elections card, on a six the Suez Crisis card is supposed to no longer have an effect. This didn't happen in a game I was just playing - my US opponent played it, and I was forced to remove influence from the usual countries with impunity.
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