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  1. Cool, looks like the app successfully asked me to download the latest version before proceeding, seems promising!
  2. Huzzah! Good work and good luck! Will the new version apply to games in progress if players update or only games that started after both players have updated to the latest version?
  3. Also, can First Lightning be used as ops by USSR without lowering DEFCON in this build?
  4. Bravo! Any idea when this build will be available as an update on the App Store? Also is the Alternate Space Race reduction really meant to be per AR or per turn? The latter is pretty powerful and the former seems way to powerful, I assumed that one was just a card typo?
  5. Also-- Kremlin Flu played as USSR showed a defcon warning on the submit action button
  6. A new one I found-- Non-aligned movement did not actually allow for removal of influence in which both sides had at least 2, when played as an event.
  7. Also, not sure if this is a rules bug or by design-- Alternate space track Eagle/Bear has landed always applies to first influence in a country, no choice for the player to delay it.
  8. some bugs I've seen with the recent, fun expansion release (iOS version): Game play-- 1. First lightning: was mentioned above, but bears repeating. Can't space race it as US, and can't play it for ops as the USSR without lowering defcon, and sometimes can't even space race as USSR, and can't be headlined. So, it becomes an albatross that is almost impossible to discard for either side. 2. Don't wait for the translation: as USSR, there is no option to resolve event first. Is that a bug or by design? UI-- Zero turn: when exiting the app and returning later during zero turn, the pop-up is gone, so no way to proceed. Workaround seems to be restarting iPad. Alternate Europe scoring card: doesn't show crosshairs icon under Europe to show it has been scored. Stanislav Petrov: card shows 2 ops but plays as 3 ops. Kremlin Flu: icon sticks around after effects are removed, and even shows twice if used again in the game. Hope this helps, I've been playing almost every day and it's a great game. The original release was flawless, so I'm sure the team will squash these bugs well.
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