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  1. Well they do fail to implement basics such as draw results. And they haven't updated the game in 4 months while plenty of bugs are being reported. It wouldn't surprise me at all if playdek took shortcuts in their rng implementation. They seem to spend the most effort on the visual appeal of the app.
  2. I noticed this myself to such an extent that I decided to start logging every coup roll in a spreadsheet to see what's up. After every game, I click through every tab in the game log and jot down the coup rolls per player. After a sample size ~800 rolls, I've rolled 1s more than two standard deviations above the mean. On top of that, my most common rolls were 1s and 2s and my least common rolls were 5s and 6s. I don't complain about it though, because certainly everyone will hand-wave it away as random chance or simply not believe me. It also does not happen to everyone either, because the opposite is true of my collective opponents - their most common rolls are 5s and 6s. Seems too convenient to be true, right? I noticed that my personal stats have not been reverting towards the mean over time either. If you are curious enough, you can try doing the same. If it turns out you do have a statistical disadvantage, you just have to live up to the extra challenge. Secretly, I think the rolls are determined in the app via some repeatable pattern, maybe based off of time or mouse movements or something like that.
  3. I agree, dirt poor rationale and attitude from the playdek admin. Every TS player I know has come across this Wargames situation where a draw is possible or must be avoided. Multiple times for me personally.
  4. 1) I am finding that 60 minutes was the ideal game timer, and the one that makes the most sense. Please bring it back! I am willing to bet some of the middle timer options are (and will be) rarely used in comparison, even if 45, 60, and 90 all exist. 2) Quick Match is useless. I've tried searching for a quick match many dozens of times (out of curiosity) and was matched only twice. "Quick Match" should be exactly that, limited to searching for a specific standard real-time game. Probably: 60-minute standard game plus optionals, bid for sides, where the only option a player selects is the opponent rating range. And the player should simply drop out of the search pool when offline. This might consolidate the search pool enough for quick match to be functional. 3) The toggle fields (timer option and some quick match options) are a pain. Why aren't they drop-downs like most other option fields (program settings, game type, player sides)? 4) The game log is also a pain, especially when toggling between turns. This ui designer sure loves toggles! I wish there was simply a scroll-able full-text game log that you can open. So much simpler and more functional. Bonus if that text log is searchable and can be copied to clipboard. If not a functional game log, at least allow this: On the Turn and Action Track, when clicking on a played card, show the game log for that action round next to the zoomed-in card. 5) The game menu / intro music is a bit grating with the alarm sounds. I'd like an option to turn off the menu music but leave the gameplay music on.
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