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  1. So it is, sorry 'bout that. +1 Saharan States, please. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate your quick response, sorry I was away for so long and did not see these posts! I'd appreciate if you could enter +1 Sahara States and +1 Sudan for these 2 inf. Thank you, gweis!
  3. US played Grain Sales to Soviets, pulling Missile Envy from the Soviets hand, which US then used as event. This pulled Flower Power from Soviet hand. Soviets *should* have been forced to use 2 ops from Missile Envy next AR, but as Soviet player, I was not able to do so. In fact, I was not able to play any of my remaining 3 cards, no options for playing events, placing influence, etc. Game is stuck on Soviet player unable to advance the game state.
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