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  1. So... This is from them in Jan 2017(!) via email: "We're working on the iPhone version now. It plays well on large devices (iPhone 7) but iPhone 5 still needs some work. And we're familiar with the game, so we need to spend some time looking at how a new player might receive this version on a phone. So we don't have an ETA just yet. We will most likely be looking to do a beta test later this month or early next month." I emailed them back in June regarding the beta and didn't receive a response.
  2. This was on a Google Pixel. If you are playing influence and use Undo towards the end of the token's movement from source to destination (region), the influence will stay on the region after the Undo. This stuck influence appears to be just a visual bug. Example: If you place other influence in that region, the stuck influence does not count/add to final total.
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