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  1. In the game timer that is used now you dont know if your opponent just leaved, untill the last minute. If he returns within the last second, and you dont get advised you will forfeit. In my opinion Agricola its a hard strategy game. I cant play asyncronously because I cant remember my original cards and strategy and review my opponents farm... Playing 2 or more games at the same time its also harder. Quick play turn timer, you just wait for other 2 players for a fast game.
  2. In multiplayer games I have seen that players prefeer to eat animals than getting a oven. Am I right? Getting 1 grain is often belittled, but its the most your gonna get in a turn without a special card.
  3. This game its hard to master. Lot of options to choose. I'm agree with Jay. I'm not a great player, just above 1600, but I have seen this: 1. Use each turn wisely. Try to be selfproductive with your resources and use occ and adquisitions that let you make two things at the same time. Be sure of using adqs or occ that you got, because you spended a golden turn and resources to get it. 2. You must get fast a way to get food, by bread or meat, or even trading resources for food. You dont want to be eating the sheep you just grabbed every round, YOU ARE EATING VPs. If your family just gets their food each round, you wont win. 3. Get more turns FAST. Your first goal should be to expand your house for getting a extra turn. By the round 4 you MUST have expanded your home for more family, or at least have the resources needed with a food income granted. Im not an expert. Thats a little strategy review. Maybe you will value more the occ and minor adquisitions playing solo without them. Seeyou around
  4. Hi. Agricola multiplayer is flooded with unstarted games. Players open a number of games starting just one or two of them. It can be a challenge to start a game above 2 players. In general the multiplayer matchmaking in Playdek its hard. LoWD or TantoCuore. You name it. Agricola has a lot of more players wanting a match. Thats good. Other Ipad boardgames like Catan or Carcassonne from different developers have a good and simple synchronous way to start a multiplayer game. Other games like puertorico or le havre have a worst matchmaking based on the iPad game center, always asynchronous, and lame. I suggest a simple option to start an agrícola match starting on 3 to 5 players (which are harder to get) with the 3 decks (almost everybody has them) with a TURN BASED TIMER no more than 90 secs. If you play this quick match other matches at the same time are not allowed. TURN TIMER instead FULL GAME Timer will simply work better. You have one of the best ELO statics. Please enhance your timers.
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