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  1. morisimo

    Dice Roll Probability Distribution

    Strategery, nice analysis, thanks for jumping on and sharing your experience. I second the request for your raw data, would be useful for Playdek I'm sure. I also agree that this may be an intentional skew, possibly as a difficulty balancing modifier to mitigate against some of the more basic things the AI does (like couping the Philippines and playing Indo-Pakistani war just for mil-ops with no influence in either territory etc.). Shame if this is the case as it detracts from the gameplay and undermines enjoyment of the game somewhat. Much better playing against human characters of course. I just hope Playdek have made enough money to keep fixing these sorts of underlying issues. Good visuals are important but only if the underlying engine is right!
  2. morisimo

    Dice Roll Probability Distribution

    Fair enough. Only the numbers would tell but I appreciate there are more tangible and pressing things to deal with. Appreciated. Happy TSing!
  3. I have been enjoying TS on the iPad for a while now, thanks for all your hard work in bringing one of my favourite games to my tablet! Having played plenty of games now, one of my feelings is that the probability distribution of the dice rolls is off. While I don't have concrete numbers, I feel there is an over indexing of 1s, especially when playing 4 ops cards for coups. Further to this, I also feel there is an improbably high number of same roll runs, especially on coups. Having played 100 plus games, I have experienced at least 3 or 4 runs of 1 rolls up to 4 times in a row. Based on my simple maths, this should only occur with a probability of 1/1296. Assuming 20 coups per game (a high estimate) this translates to 2000 rolls based on 100 games. So having at least 3 or 4 same roll runs feels too much for my taste. Clearly this is a possibility, but the four 1s in a row feel much more prevalent that 4 roll runs of other numbers. There may well be some bias based on 1 rolls being more painful and therefore more memorable, but I'm pretty sure something is off... Have you run any logging on the dice rolls? If so, can you please do some distribution analysis to verify that your random number generator is not biased? I know they are not perfect but having played a lot of the actual board game as well, the rolls in the iOS version do not match the feel of the tabletop version. Has anyone else noticed this? Forgive me if my maths is off... Many thanks.