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    Mildajeale reacted to DreadEve in Map Reveal   
    I was perusing the Cartography Guilde and went to check up on a talented cartographer's page, and it looks like Playdek also commissioned him for the map of Rasfalia.


    The artist is Maxime Plasse, and has some other great maps if you like that sort of thing.
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    Mildajeale reacted to iceman in Remodeling Card   
    I have enjoyed playing Agricola on my iPad for many hours and have bought all of the extra decks for sale.  Last night, I tried to use the Remodeling card for the first time and I could not "remove a stable" so that I could change it into an extra wooden room. I had the 1 wood and 1 reed needed to play the Remodeling card and it was highlighted so that I could "use" it but when it said to "remove a stable" all I could do was put a finger on the stable and it wouldn't do anything. I tried dragging it off the board but that did not work.  I probably was doing something wrong but I am not sure what to try next. 
    Can someone tell me how to "remove the stable" in that scenario so that I could replace it with the extra wooden room?
    Thank you!
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    Mildajeale reacted to Caliburner9 in OST???   
    Any word on that Original Soundtrack, Playdek? I would soo love to give it a listen? Say, I have a really Good question: How BIG will this Soundtrack be? A rough estimate will be terrificly appreciated!! LOL
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    Mildajeale reacted to DanielOslo in :(   
    Hi team, I just saw your post on fb about the ios 11 compatibility...
    I am very sad to see that great implementation of so many good games will be soon gone from our machines...
    Especially "Can't Stop" !!! My kids and I love that one
    Oh btw you can delete my posts/quesetions in the sub-forums about ios 11 compatibility, they are useless since I had my answer from fb (and I forgot to mention "Food Fight" and "Penny Arcade")
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    Mildajeale reacted to Playdek in Please view our Forum Rules and Code of Conduct before posting   
    Please make sure to read our Forum Rules and Code of Conduct before posting.
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    Mildajeale reacted to TacticalRPGFan in Unsung Story Plotline and Cliches   
    Currently, the Unsung Story Wiki has a number of articles about the backstory of the world of Unsung Story (Rasfalia) and some hints to the plot. The most informative piece I'm aware of so far is this write-up on the Seventy-Seven Years War.

    Judging from this, it seems like the plot is going to open with political intrigue and conflict between the kingdom of Alionne and the Jheksal Empire. I think with quality writing and good characterization this kind of fantasy war can make for a very good plot. In fact, this is the kind of classic fantasy story telling that reaches all the way back to ancient times and is consistently successful even into modern times across many mediums with things like J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, C.S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, and even other works like Game of Thrones.

    However, I'll guess that all of this is dropped in the third act of the story for the "an evil religion was behind it all." This cliche has cropped up in Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy Tactics (though admittedly FFT was one of the better executions of it, by having build-up to it rather than an endgame plot shift). And those are just the Tactical RPG series I can think of off the top of my head.

    It would be good if Unsung Story could avoid this cliche. Story might not exactly be a back-of-the-box selling point, however I think a good story will result in greater long-term success for the game. What do you think? Are there other story cliches you think Unsung Story should avoid?
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    Mildajeale reacted to Izlude in How close to FFT will this game be?   
    SOOO Excited for this! I'm envisioning a revamped and online FFT! Are my thoughts and dreams accurate? Should they be? Ahh, so excited!
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    Mildajeale reacted to TacticalRPGFan in Stat Increases on Level-Up   
    One of the engaging parts of any RPG is character growth, both in story and gameplay. Gameplay-wise that typically involves characters getting stronger as the game goes on, and usually stat-increases when the character levels up is part of that. However, different RPGs have used different systems to manage these stat-increases. What kind of system do we want to see in Unsung Story?
    Here are 3 common implementations:
    Growth-Based Stat Increases - The most common implementation, different stats will increase (grow) at different rates depending on a number of factors like class. For instance, an Attacker might get +4 Strength but only +1 Mind, while a Mage might get +4 Mind but only +1 Strength. This makes stat-increases predictable, and the player can manipulate them if they can control the factors the growth rate is based on. Percentage-Based Stat Increases - The implementation used by games like the Fire Emblem series, on each level-up stats have a percent chance of increasing. For example, an Attack might have a 75% chance to increase Strength, while a Mage might have only a 10% chance to increase strength. Typically in this implementation stats only go up by 1 per level up, but not necessarily. This makes stat increases highly variable, and characters might be great in one playthrough but terrible in the next. Since players usually aren't able to manipulate the percentages, they have to adapt to whatever the situation is on the current playthough - which can be an interesting challenge for players. Player Choice - The player can directly choose which stats to increase. Either the player can directly choose a stat to increase, or players are given a number of points to spend and can use them to increase stats (or for other effects) which may have different costs. This is seen frequently in Pen and Paper RPGs and other more involved systems. This can also be combined with other options, allowing players to add addition stat increases as a bonus or otherwise involving player choice in the process. I would like to see Player Choice used in combination with another system - I think Growth Based would likely be more familiar and more comfortable for most players. Making the player choice a bonus stat increase may make it feel like more of a reward for players. In order to streamline the process, I think it should be a straightforward choice instead of a point-based system. Finally, in order to mitigate min-maxing I think the increases should be greater for stats that are below the curve.
    Here's an image to demonstrate the kind of thing I'm thinking:

    What do you think? Do you prefer one of the commonly used systems, or do you have another idea?
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    Mildajeale reacted to Gesser in Odds update will be today?!   
    I can't contain my excitement anymore, Shybutnotshy!!!
    Also, curious what you think of my add'l. replies in our PM.
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    Mildajeale reacted to nmalinoski in Link to these forums in the IRC channel topic   
    Every now and again, people will pop into the IRC channel and ask about the status of Unsung Story. Unfortunately, most of these passersby don't wait more than half a minute before dropping out of the channel, and it's usually never when anyone is around to respond.
    So, I think it would be most helpful if someone at Playdek (Shyla, probably) would set a friendly topic in #UnsungStory that directs visitors to these forums. I would've done it myself, but I don't have the required permissions to do so.
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    Mildajeale reacted to Conquérant_Rouge in RAWR ! Monster unit smash puny units !   
    Recently wondered on how the monsters would be implemented.

    The only thing Playdek currently mentions is that they will be a specialize type of class and there will be a tamer class.
    I've been wondering, what sort of specialty should they have ?
    A concept I though of: large, neutral monsters to act like a sort of makeshift siege weapons or vehicles under the Tamer units' control.
    Those large beast would take five tiles (like Disgeae's fused monsters or Banner Saga's Varls).
    Because of neutrality, you have options such as rush your tamer for the beast's control or simply kill the enemy tamer and ignore the monster.
    For example: on a castle siege mission, you can control a behemoth and have it smash a backdoor gate or cracked wall so you can flank the enemy.

    So what do you think ?
    Have any unique ideas for monster units ?
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    Mildajeale reacted to huteikigame in How close to FFT will this game be?   
    FFT&Tactics Ogre is great.
    but,I hope Yasumi Matsuno's new values than FFT&TO.
    By the way, how have Yasumi Matsuno&Joel been?
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    Mildajeale reacted to Playdek in Kickstarter Update #42 Discussion - Schools and In-Game Screen Images   
    Greetings Backers,


    With the Battle System rules defined, our game designers have been able to turn their focus towards defining the schools that will help characterize the different playable Job Classes found within the game. Previously called “Professions” in early development, these Schools have been broken down into five categories: War, Nature, Divine, Man, and Arcane.  

    Units within the School of War specialize in the use of martial weapons and skills. Soldiers and Lancers are examples of two Jobs found within this school.  
    The School of Nature revolves around the use of weapons and skills that pertain to living alongside nature. Huntsmen and Beastmasters are just two Jobs found within this School.
    The School of the Divine promotes the use of powers imparted from higher beings which manifest as Miracles or Hexes. Priests and Necromancers are two Jobs that emerge from this School.  
    The School of Man highlights the perfection, ingenuity, and vices of man. Incidentally, Apothecaries and Assassins are two Jobs found here.  
    The last School, the Arcane School, uses magic instead of physical means to overcome obstacles. Here you will find Jobs such as Wizards and Summoners associated to this School.
    Other factors that will impact your playable units will be their Lineage (which will be discussed at a later time) and the Unit’s attributes. The starting attributes assigned to each Unit will be determined by their chosen School at the time of creation. The six attributes assigned to the Units include Vitality, Strength, Dexterity/Agility, Intelligence/Mind, Faith/Piety, and Charisma.

    Vitality governs a Unit's Hit Points and movement.
    Strength governs the Attack Power of a Unit and improves and Unit's Hit Points.
    Dexterity/Agility governs a Unit's base chance to hit, perform critical strikes, and dodge attacks.
    Intelligence/Mind governs a Unit's Mana Pool, the strength of INT based equipment and spells, as well as the number of spells, miracles and/or hexes a Unit can equip.
    Faith/Piety governs the strength of Faith based equipment and Miracles as well as mana regen.
    Charisma governs a Unit's ability to influence, lead, and raise the morale of men as well as beasts. While each Unit will receive starting attributes at creation, you will be able to change these attribute values through leveling.
    Along with Schools and Attributes, you will have the option to collect and equip gear on your Units. This gear will often have a one or more requirement that the Unit must meet or exceed to equip and thus use it, such as a required Attribute level or assigned School. Equipable gear will include Armor, Shields, and Weapons, and certain gear found within the game have the ability to be upgraded which will improve the gear by adding an additional effect.  


    And now, we will leave you with these images of the interior of one of the current playable demos we have been building in-house. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at support@playdekgames.com or post up on our forums here: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/






    Shyla, Playdek Community Manager

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    Mildajeale reacted to Gesser in How many Playable Races?   
    I'm curious how many different playable races will exist in Unsung Story?
    I would love if we weren't relegated to only plain humans.
    I made a thread for a different game where I suggested a Rabbit-Anthropomorphic Species (see here: http://projectphoenix.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=304) & presented some contributing points about including such races.
    I think it'd probably fit their game a bit better but examples of races that'd fit Unsung nicely I feel like are:
    Angelic/Celestial Beings, Medusa-likes, Ox-kin, & Wolfkin (e.g. Bleu, Bo, Nina, & Ox from BoF I) - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yhgTzs2Dack/Uc9xBiA0O2I/AAAAAAAAATg/Hl_PGg7gChI/s415/bof1_cast_3603.jpg
    Half-Dragons (e.g. Au Ra from FFXIV or Dragonborn from D&D) - http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/210189-New-Race-Announced!-The-Au-Ra & http://videogame-art.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/VideoGameArt_Daggerdale_Dragonborn01_PaulChou.jpg
    Half-Demons (e.g. Tiefling from D&D) - http://ericbelisle.com/weblogs/wp-content/gallery/wotc/130575-male-tiefling-warlock.jpg
    Lizardkin (e.g. Bazba from Suikoden III) - http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/suikoden/images/b/b6/Bazba01.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width/350?cb=20100415163823
    Lycanthropes (e.g. Worgen from WoW) - http://www.mrwallpaper.com/wallpapers/Worgen-WoW.jpg
    Winged Folk (e.g. Canopus from Tactics Ogre) - http://ogrebattlesaga.wikia.com/wiki/Winged_Folk
    Would also be great if we had access to some playable creatures similar to FFT... giant ones that comprise 3 or more tiles would be welcome... gryphons, hydras, mountain giants, & etc.
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    Mildajeale reacted to crmack in Android Notifications Broken   
    The system notifications on Android started working after the app updated.  However, within a few days, they stopped working.  I still receive the emails (which wasn't happening before the update), but the system notifications simply stopped working.  I have been playing with a friend, also on Android, and he isn't receiving system notifications either.
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    Mildajeale reacted to itoikenza in Unsung needs a User-End Software Development Kit!   
    guys, discuss... i really hope one is implemented, similar to Skyrim's Creation Kit. i used the buzzword "User-End" to hope that it's not too technical, but powerful. i want it to be easily grasped by non-programmers, but allow every aspect of the game to be customizable, from adding new music, to creation of new moves... or just simply editing existing ones. this would make move creation/editing not as daunting to End Users: http://www.clip-studio.com/quma/en/ if playdeck added support for Qumarion, it would be a dream come true!!
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    Mildajeale reacted to Sealedangel in BUG: Blockade's effect took place in spite of rolling 6 for VE Day   
    I did not bother to defend against Blockade's effect because of rolling of a 6 for VE Day during the Turn Zero setup. However, when I played the card as US with no cards with 3 or 4 Ops to discard, the influence in West Germany was still wiped out. I took a screenshot of it if it helps.
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    Mildajeale reacted to Drstik_Taktics in How many Playable Races?   
    I agree.  
    If they add races just because it's a fantasy setting (so let's add them) then yes, don't even bother.
    However, if there is a solid story, mythos surrounding the races as a whole and they offer to the lore/gamplay individually with different stats, abilities, gameplay mechanics... Etc. Absolutely, bring them.
    Generic race additions though? Is a sin. Leave them out if there is no true value to them. (I doubt Playdek would shoot themselves in the foot by doing this) still I had to say it.
    Bring them if they can bring life to the atmosphere the way Skyrim's different races do.
    ^This makes just as much sense and adds a good rebuttal to this threads topic.
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    Mildajeale reacted to Playdek in All posts have been moved in this Forum! Please Read!   
    We have rearranged the forums for the Unsung Story section, so I have been busy moving threads to their new home.
    I tried my best to leave a "receipt" as to where they moved to, but I might have forgotten on one or two so if you don't see the link to the new location here, I am sorry, but it is somewhere I promise!
    I will close down this section in a bit, just so that everyone has a chance to get accustomed to the changes. Thank you everyone!
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    Mildajeale reacted to Gesser in I think the Community Rep's/Dev's should take a couple hour break one day soon to host an AMA.   
    I think this would be very nice for the community & something I feel is needed with a general sentiment going around that the Dev's have been remote.
    I know the team is insanely hard at work, preparing the best product possible for us, however I feel this' a must now.
    Let us get our questions heard/out & hear a slew of responses for a two-hour block or so.
    Shybutnotshy, can you make this happen please? Post on the official Kickstarter that it's taking place for Backers & everywhere else around.
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    Mildajeale reacted to Gesser in "It's important to not leave anyone in the dark" -- Playdek   
    From the Unsung Story Reddit's Main Page: http://www.reddit.com/r/theunsungstory/comments/2568p2/questions_for_the_assistant_producer/
    1) ...what lessons have you learned from previous projects you've worked on, and how are you going to apply those lessons to Unsung Story?
    A) "Right now the big one is to be as transparent as possible. Although we can’t share everything, it’s important to not leave anyone in the dark... ...Since Unsung Story is very public facing with the Kickstarter, we will have to make sure that you aren’t left without knowledge of any setbacks. It’s almost expected that they will happen, and although some people are going to be upset, we’ve found the majority of people are much happier just being given an update on the status" -- Playdek
    OK, so what's happening? I've tweeted you guys, commented on the official Kickstarter, made posts in both forums, heard from Shybutnotshy that something was being worked on for us over the holiday (almost a month ago), and a lot of people are beginning to feel scammed.
    Please, may we hear from you?
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    Mildajeale reacted to nachomagic in NO Android Notifications   
    I''m having problems with my summoner wars in android 5.1.1
    I have no turn notification, I had it but It disappears
    I've uninstall and reinstall many many time (more than 50) with no result.
    I've also written to playdeck support many many time with no answer (thanks play deck to ignore a customer who have bought all the factions)
    Could anybody help me?
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    Mildajeale reacted to Gesser in Skill-Customization System   
    How will skills be handled in this game?
    How deep will they get.
    Will there be any sort of Class Customization?
    Examples like Job-Point Allocation (not quite enough freedom usually, though the ability to multi-class to an extent is a welcome addition for any TRPG), Sphere Grid (has 'some' potential but needs more depth & the inability to spec out the entire thing), Talent Trees (please no, this system is so stale & a dead-end with 'min-max' play).
    I've personally wanted to see a system like Diablo III's in a TRPG like Unsung Story.
    One where you have methods of altering each of your skills for different purposes & speccing into different passive options to compliment play-styles.
    I devised a similar system to Diablo's for a JRPG I've backed (Project Phoenix) which I'll share, however that game is a real-time, squad-based JRPG so it won't translate 100%. It will give you the gist though & hopefully generate some ideas/thoughts for Unsung Story.
    Review it here!
    I especially endorse the "Complimentary Mechanics" section, even for Unsung Story.
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    Mildajeale reacted to TacticalRPGFan in Terrain Effects in Unsung Story   
    Tactical RPGs have and additional level of gameplay over traditional turn-based RPGs - positioning units on the battlefield. In order to add more depth to this gameplay, Terrain Effects frequently appear in Tactical RPGs. Do we want Unsung Story to have Terrain effects? There was a thread discussing this on the old forums you can see here.
    Common Terrain effects in Tactical RPGs include:
    Elevation - different heights of terrain affecting movement and sometimes having other effects like changing the range of distance weapons. This Kickstarter said different elevations of terrain would be featured in Unsung Story. Stat Changes - frequently Tactical RPGS will include different types of terrain that change units stats, for instance fortifications that increase defense or thick undergrowth that hinders movement Elemental Effects - different types of terrain interacting with the elemental system in the game (Does Unsung Story have an elemental system?) such as rivers improving water element effects, etc.  
    Separate from static effects, something I think it would be great to see in Unsung Story is dynamic terrain interaction. This would include things like weather, which can have effects like rain increasing the water level, fog affecting visibility, lightning strikes starting fires, etc. Also more specific terrain interactions like being able to burn down trees, switches that open and close gates, etc. Having these kind of effects that players can influence could add a lot of gameplay depth to Unsung Story.
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