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  1. The gamelist is usually mostly games with every deck or nearly all, so I'd be happy for some pointers too. Though I prefer playing one or two decks, I will take the uberascension game as you call it when noone seems to wanna go my way. :-p
  2. Thanks for sharing. So far I've read the gamehead articles and feel I got a lot from them. Just won a 3- player game with the "mechana-machine". That's my first 3-player win. :-D
  3. Come to think of it I can strongly recommend Dream Quest. (IOS) It's a solitaire game crossed between a boardgame and a deckbuilder. It's very much build on luck, like ascension. Therebis different roles to play, like in Penny Arcade and the game changes eveytime you play. I really love this game and keep going back to beat my highscore. I have to warn you though, the cards looks like my 6-year old kid drew them. They were actually drawn in paint! :-P So don't get it if you hate ugly games. But it grows on you. What at first was just ugly is now kinda sweet and just retro. :-) If playdek gave this game a makeover it would be a hit. Seriously!
  4. Football seasons I already tried and deleted quickly. I can't remember exactly why but think it was more like card collecting than deckbuilding. I'm not really in to those. Stak bots I can't recommend either, the gameplay wasn't that interesting and the graphics very grey and boring. Deleted that pretty fast. Battle of Gundabad is pretty much a Dominion ripoff. But poorly executed. Graphics are low quality and the game has some bugs. It's an old game and it seems the developer has given up on it. It's still on my ipad though. :-) I'll check out the rest. Thank you very much Noloic. :-D
  5. I have been wishing for this too. That would be awesome. Also would change the game strategy. :-))
  6. @scribner Thank you for your suggestions. I couldn't find those in the appstore so I'm guessing they are not available as digital versions. Hope they see the light and contacts playdek. ;-D @noloic Have been playing penny arcade today. Really love that game so thank you very much for suggesting it. :-D Hope to see some expansions. :-p I have now ordered the apprentice edition of ascension. I'm contemplating sticking some post-its over the effects area and drawing icons or maybe printing stickers. There must be some way to make it easier for the kids to "read" the cards on their own. :-))
  7. Thanks noloic, I'll give penny and nightfall a go. Fandeath, that looks like a cool game, but it looks like it's only available as a tabletop game? I know noone who has interest in playing this kind of game, or anyone who would be able to play an english game for that matter I'm afraid. So wish that I did. It's all gin rummy and go fish around here... (Trying to peek my sons interest for acension with some success, but as he is only 6 (and Danish) it'll be a while till he's able to read the cards. But it'll happen! He loves the monsters!) Thanks for replying.
  8. Ascension is the first deckbuilding game I have played. In fact I had never even heard the term before finding the game by chance in the app store. I dare say that I am hooked. Absolutly love the game and every expansion too. Every new expansion is like christmas! :-p I've been digging and googling around to find more like this. But so far the only thing that comes close is tanto cuore. *Wishing for expansions.* I have also found Dominion which I like, but oh do I wish playdek had made the game. It in no way plays and looks as great as ascension. Another is Star Realms which I somewhat like but get annoyed that the value of the cards seems to have been set with closed eyes. Are there any other deckbuilding (not cardcollecting) digital games pc/ios out there? :-) *fingers crossed*
  9. I unfortunatly have about the same loosing percentage as OP. So I just want to thank for all the tips. *thumbs up* Also thanks noloic for linking to the card pics, I can't ever seem to remember the names. :-p It seems different strategies should be used for different sets. I'm pretty sure most of my wins are cotg. And most of my recent loses are rov/du. I do think luck is a big part of it as I have often won big and then lost big with the same opponent. But some pointers for rov/du would be verymuch appriciated. I really love these two new expansions with the energy shards. :-D
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