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    Manga, anime, japan, shopping, theatre, writing stories :)
    and become a perfect wife for Nikkino <3

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  1. Thanks honey I'll post an ascension fan fiction soon
  2. Meat u.u in game and in reality too. You can stockpile sheeps, boars and livestock, but you can't stockpile Grain
  3. Hi there ^^ I'm curious to know which are your favourite singers And what kind of music genre do you love most? I love metal music and various other songs as well^^ but metal is in my heart. XD
  4. DAT ###### :'0

    1. Noloic


      Mmm mmm yeah yeah :D

    2. Lilith


      It will remain in my mind foreva and eva <3

  5. Hi there, I'm Valentina, but everyone just call me ''Lilith''. I'm 19 and I'm from Italy. I really am in love with Noloic and we discovered Playdeck togheter, often playing its games wich enjoy us a lot, like Ascension, Tanto cuore and so on. My hobbies are mangas and animes. I like movies and culinary shows too. I love inventing and writing stories and I love theatre, too! My dream is get married with Nikki and live happily togheter forever! <3 I hate liars and fake people. I hopo I can have fun in this Forum and to share my experience and thoughts about my loved Playdeck games!
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