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  1. For the record, I did end up going for a refund, due to not being able to register for multiplayer and not hearing anything for 9 hours, which to me seemed like it just wasn't happening. However, the registration did arrive 3 hours after that, so it took almost 12 hours to arrive. I haven't pressed 'activate' and will ignore the email as I no longer have access to the game and don't want to mess up the system in case I do decide to purchase it again in the future.
  2. Hi I bought the game with both expansions earlier on today on Steam. But have been unable to register the game in order to play the game online. When I try to create the account I get the following message 'please check your email for your account information' only that no email has been received. It has been several hours now and I have tried to repeat the process, and tried it with a different email and username to no avail. If I try to enter my desired account details as my user details I get the message 'Account is not yet activated. Please follow the account activation instructions that were sent to your email.' Again the problem being that I am not receiving any account details. I would rather not refund the game via Steams refund policy, as I do think it looks good, I like this type of game. But I will have to do so If I get no solutions here, nor any emails or updates as I also sent a support request to support@playdekgames.com but am concerned that I have received no feedback as to their receiving this either. No ticket number, or feedback or anything. Hope we can fix things, Vargas78
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