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  1. Aye. Unless I missed something in testing, it does have to be the China Card, and the last influence placed seems to ignore US control. As a programmer, I'm decidedly curious as to what the code segment handling this looks like. My best guess is that the China Card and Vietnam Revolts have a special case coded in for when they coincide and the bonus China Card op could be placed outside of SE Asia and invalidate the bonus Vietnam Revolts op, but that the case is outside of normal processing and forgets to take US control into account for the final Vietnam Revolts op.
  2. While under Vietnam Revolts, the USSR can play the China Card in SE Asia for 7 ops (with the final 2 ops being used to break US control). This can be seen in #745647 on Turn 2 USSR AR5, and has been reproduced against the AI. (Awesome game, by the way!)
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