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  1. When you have Shovel and Migrant Workers in play, using Day Laborer allows you to plow field but not sow anything on the fields as Shovel suggests.
  2. When playing Almanac, immediately harvest and breed, Lettuce Patch is not allowing the conversion of 1 vegetable into 4 food at that time
  3. As the title suggests, you don't get the option to play a second occ when using Private School
  4. When playing Paddocks while having Stablehand in play, the "end turn" arrow does not appear when placing stable. The turn cannot be ended unless even if you choose not to play the stable. You have no choice here
  5. Bang! the card game uses this very mechanic when online players drop out. Now, the AI in that game is more streamlined and becomes a worthy opponent, unlike the Agricola AI.
  6. The Taster was a rule change in version 7. Playdek has it right for that card.
  7. The food engine is strictly based upon the cards that were dealt or the ones you drafted. Either choice is viable. However, still setting a food engine up in round 8 and on is disastrous. It needs to be functioning by the second harvest or it spells trouble
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