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  1. Welcome to the new Labyrinth forums! We are very excited to have you here to share your ideas and to participate in our conversations! To keep these forums a productive and positive place for everyone to gather together so please take the time to read these rules and guidelines in order to help ensure the best experience possible for all everyone. Forum Rules and Code of Conduct Be respectful at all times. No explanation needed. Playdek employee impersonation is prohibited. Inappropriate discussions are not allowed. Please keep threads and posts on topic. If you have to question whether or not your post or topic is inappropriate, chances are it might be. Please also refrain from conversations and posting content regarding illegal activities (drug use, pirating, etc) and images of offensive content, adult content, or any other material deemed inappropriate by the Playdek staff. All threads and comments must be posted in English. While we understand we will have users from all over the world visiting our forums and English may not be the native language from some, our moderators must be able to moderate the conversations occurring on our forums and conversations in other languages can prevent moderation. Please refrain from using profanity on the forums. Try to keep it PG-13 as our audience ranges in age and certain words may not be suitable for some of our younger users. Personal attacks against other players is prohibited. Flaming, trolling, and harassment of other users will not be tolerated. Advertising is prohibited. Promotion of referral websites, phishing websites, and other malicious links are not allowed on the forums. Spamming is not allowed. Please keep discussions in one place and refrain from making multiple threads on the same topic. Also please refrain from bumping up a thread too often. Thanks for your support! The Playdek Team
  2. Here is the Rulebook and the Playbook from the physical version of Labytinth: The War on Terror Labyrinth Rulebook.pdf Labyrinth Playbook.pdf
  3. Welcome to the Support and Suggestion forums for Labyrinth: The War on Terror. All suggestions and support requests are welcome here! Do you have a suggestion that will enhance your gaming experience? Post it up! Did you find something in the game that you think is a potential bug? Post it up! Did you come across something that isn't working properly in the game? Post it up! We will be able to use all posts in this section to locate and squish all bugs reported and to find ways to help improve your gaming experiencing! If you are having an issue with the game and cannot find an answer here feel free to email us support@playdekgames.com Be sure to include: Playdek account email User name Game you are experiencing this issue with Device you are playing on OS installed on the device Details about the issue Any steps you have taken to resolve the issue Thanks! The Playdek Team
  4. Here are the forums for the digital version of Labyrinth. Please post player feedback, comments, suggestions and requests for Labyrinth: The War on Terror and its related expansions. Enjoy!
  5. Hello Marcos! It seems your account has been flagged for the forums for a while now, as indicated by the "Twilight Struggle Backer" above and below your profile picture, so you should already have access to the forums here: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/ Please let me know if you are not able to enter that section. As for the beta key, that will need to be requested through our support email at support@playdekgames.com Please include the email you used for both Kickstarter and BackerKit (if they are different), and they should be able to set you up with a beta key. Hope that helps! ___________________ Also, we have been flagging people periodically in this thread, so if you are curious as to whether you are flagged, if you see "Twilight Struggle Backer" below your profile picture, then you are good to go. The title will change above your profile picture shortly after. You also should have access to the private forums, which is restricted without the forum flagging. If you see the title change around your profile picture and cannot access the forums, please let us know! However everyone is flagged properly and should be good to go!
  6. Shako, I will message you with a key as soon as I have one for you. I'm sorry that you didn't receive one earlier, but I will fix this for you as soon as I can. And everyone is flagged! You will know if you are flagged properly because you will be able to access these forums: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/ It will also say Twilight Struggle Backer above and below your profile picture when you post. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Happy gaming!
  7. Thank you all! You are flagged and good to go.
  8. You all are good to go! You should have access tot he forums now: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/
  9. Hello everyone! I have flagged everyone and you should now have access tot he beta forums. I am sorry about the delay in this, but we are happy to have everyone on board! Let me know if you have any issues!
  10. I am all caught up and everyone is flagged. Thank you all for your patience!
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