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  1. Hello everyone! If you are currently a Kickstarter Backer for Twilight Struggle participating in the backer beta, then please comment in this thread with your Kickstarter name or email so we can verify your account and flag you to be able to view the backer forums. You can also feel free to message me on the forums with this information and we will have your account flagged. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!
  2. You both are in, thanks!
  3. Hello Marcos! It seems your account has been flagged for the forums for a while now, as indicated by the "Twilight Struggle Backer" above and below your profile picture, so you should already have access to the forums here: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/ Please let me know if you are not able to enter that section. As for the beta key, that will need to be requested through our support email at support@playdekgames.com Please include the email you used for both Kickstarter and BackerKit (if they are different), and they should be able to set you up with a beta key. Hope that helps! ___________________ Also, we have been flagging people periodically in this thread, so if you are curious as to whether you are flagged, if you see "Twilight Struggle Backer" below your profile picture, then you are good to go. The title will change above your profile picture shortly after. You also should have access to the private forums, which is restricted without the forum flagging. If you see the title change around your profile picture and cannot access the forums, please let us know! However everyone is flagged properly and should be good to go!
  4. Shako, I will message you with a key as soon as I have one for you. I'm sorry that you didn't receive one earlier, but I will fix this for you as soon as I can. And everyone is flagged! You will know if you are flagged properly because you will be able to access these forums: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/ It will also say Twilight Struggle Backer above and below your profile picture when you post. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Happy gaming!
  5. Thank you all! You are flagged and good to go.
  6. You are both flagged and good to go!
  7. You guys are now flagged, thanks!
  8. You all are good to go! You should have access tot he forums now: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/92-kickstarter-backers/
  9. You have been flagged.
  10. Hello there! My name is Shyla and I am the Community Manager here at Playdek. Welcome to our forums and I hope you enjoy your time spent here! I will be working to provide you all with information about our games and current projects as well as scheduling events and activities for you to join such as tournaments and beta testing to name a few A little bit about me— I’ve been in the gaming industry for the past 8 years with a few different companies. I’ve worked in QA, Account and Billing, Marketing, and Customer Support to list a few. A few of my favorite Tabletop Games are D&D 5E, Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin, and Scattergories. A few of my favorite Video Games are the Borderland Series, The Elder Scrolls series, Sid Meier's Civ 5, Dungeon Defenders, the Saint’s Row Series, and Animal Crossing. A few of my favorite TV Shows: American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, The League, Bob's Burgers, South Park I love horror movies and scary games although I am a huge wimp, and I love to experiment in the kitchen and learn new culinary techniques (if I could meet Alton Brown or Gordon Ramsay I would be so happy). And that’s about it. Feel free to find me on the forums or in the chat room. Cheers! Shyla, Playdek Community Manager
  11. Hello everyone! I have flagged everyone and you should now have access tot he beta forums. I am sorry about the delay in this, but we are happy to have everyone on board! Let me know if you have any issues!
  12. I am all caught up and everyone is flagged. Thank you all for your patience!
  13. Everyone is cleared for the forums, thanks!
  14. Everyone is flagged and cleared to access the backer forums! Thanks everyone!
  15. You are all flagged, thank you!
  16. You have all been granted access, thanks!
  17. You are all flagged and good to go!
  18. Yes, the servers are down and will be while we update the game, so right now no one is able to connect. If you post in ths thread, I usually make a comment after I have gone through and flagged people. I do not send individual messages to everyone otherwise my inbox would be full all the time and I would not be able to receive messages from other backers. And everyone is flagged, thanks!
  19. You are all flagged, thanks!
  20. You are all good to go, thanks!
  21. mpatman, I sent you a message. And everyone is flagged and good to go!
  22. YGG, I sent you a message! And everyone is flagged and good to go! Thanks!
  23. You are all flagged and good to go, thank you!
  24. You are all good to go!
  25. You are all cleared to go!