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  1. Hi, I think I encountered a bug yesterday. In a 3p game during the harvest, I ate a clay (pottery) and then killed one animal. The "undo" sign appeared but the "go forward" green arrow did not. So I couldn't actually advance through the harvest. Weirdly, this was fixed if I killed the animal first, and then ate the clay. I think this may have had something to do with my opponent playing Slaughterman? Might there be a slaughterman bug involving the slaughterman needing to harvest last?
  2. Oh, you're right, I forgot about that. Good points. It is very annoying to watch someone slowly tick from 20 minutes down to zero and then disconnect. The options that I suggested would still be nice to help people find "active" games among the many waiting-to-start games where the creator hasn't signed in in days.
  3. Not sure a turn timer would solve the problem; a 30 minute/player game is already a pretty tight amount of time per turn. The key issue is how long it takes for the game to start. In the short term, please display for each game how long ago that game was created, and when the game creator last logged in and looked at games.
  4. Gamer Deck and World Championship decks are sure-buys for me if they are introduced.
  5. Hi team, I know this can be a somewhat controversial subject, but I would like to suggest an option to ban certain cards in the deal. Of course cards introduce luck into Agricola, and that's great - we all like that. But the consensus of the play-agricola.com membership (the website where the officially published G and WM decks have been designed) is that certain cards hugely reduce the fun for other players and the game is altogether better without them. The list of banned cards is not "official" in the sense of being approved by anyone other than play-agricola.com players, but it is still at least somewhat "agreed upon". The list of cards is- E occ, Ratcatcher: Annoying I minor, Wooden Hut Extension: Very strong and Annoying I occ, Taster: Too strong and Annoying K minor, Reedhut: Too Strong K occ, Lover: Too strong K occ, Wetnurse: Too strong ( see http://play-agricola.com/forums/index.php?topic=548.0 ) While Reed Hut, Lover, and Wet Nurse may not make a huge difference when family growth comes out rd 5, they are devastating in a 4p game where family growth does not come out until rd 7. I wouldn't say these cards are exactly free wins (there's probably no such thing), but the vast majority of players on play-agricola.com, given the option to ban these cards, choose to do so. I know it would be quite complicated to allow the game creator to strike individual cards at their whim (and for the other players joining the game to see which have been struck), but a check box when decks are being chosen such as "-6" to ban 6 cards would be greatly appreciated by me and probably many other players. I would certainly play on the ios platform much more regularly. Thanks, Gabriel User account grocklin
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