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    Oh Hai Everyone

    So I've been lurking for a while after the new forums were setup and decided it was time to make my introductions. Over this wide web I am knows as GingerRevenger. I am an "Art" consultant backer and was really excited to find this project on Kickstarter. My love for Tactical RPGs goes back quite a ways. My first TRPG was Crystal Warriors on GameGear. I hardly knew what I was doing at the time but fell in love with the methodical progression of each battle. If you have the means, it is reasonably priced on the 3ds virtual console and a good blast to the past. Currently I am reviewing my Gameboy library and replaying a lot of the older titles I had not touched in several years. I wish I had more time to invest in Dragon Warrior 3 or Dragon Warrior Monster but my children and my work tend to take up most of my time. Hopefully Unsung Story will ramp up the updates this coming summer and we can start seeing progress in the game. I look forward to chatting about U.S. in the future. GR