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  1. gweis

    Emailed Notifications

    Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed (v 2.0.2).
  2. gweis

    Emailed Notifications

    After you login to online play, choose Profile & Friends. There is a button to access notification settings on that screen.
  3. gweis

    Remodeling Card

    Did you try dragging the stable onto the lower left corner of the interface where your stable and fence counts are displayed? That should trigger your selection.
  4. It's only a visual bug. The correct VP & effects are awarded as if you moved ahead 2 spaces.
  5. Are you currently logged on from a different device (like from your PC)?
  6. gweis

    Non-Aligned Movement issue

    The bug with Non-Aligned Movement has been fixed. However, because your online game started before that update was released, it still plays with the existing rules at the time of its creation. Your offline games to test the issue are playing with the fix.
  7. gweis

    Android 1.1.1 update crashes turn 1 for me

    Are you using the beta version for Android? We didn't release an update today, but we did push a new beta build.
  8. Done. You should be able to continue that game now. Let me know if you encounter any further issues.
  9. That isn't necessary. I believe Non-Aligned Movement when played with no valid targets is the only Turn Zero specific bug that hasn't been fixed yet.
  10. This bug is fixed already, but your game was created before the update was released, so the fix isn't applied to your game. If you start a new game now, Non-Aligned Movement will allow you to select a country to remove influence.
  11. Oops, you only have 1 op. Red Scare/Purge is in effect. So, +1 Sharan States, +1 Sudan, or something different?
  12. The effect from Defectors is applied in this situation, so Destalinization was cancelled.
  13. What did your opponent headline? Do you have an online game # or offline save file that we could look at?
  14. This happens if there are no valid countries that match the requirements for Non-Aligned Movement. Will be fixed in the next update.
  15. Found the bug and fixed it. Missile Envy won't show up anywhere for you. If you want to tell me the play you'd like to make with 2 ops from Missile Envy, I can enter the move for you and then you'll be able to continue the game from there. Or you can wait for the next update, but that won't be until at least late next week.