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  1. We are releasing an update today for all platforms.

    You will be required to update your client in order to continue to play online.

    Note that rules changes in this build will only be seen in new games started AFTER the client is updated.

    • Updated 4 cards based on a clarification from the designer.  The second half of the event on these cards is only allowed to add tokens from the Token Pool, not from the Crisis Track.
      • Fugitive Slave Law
      • Social Elites
      • Russell of the Times
      • Seizing Federal Armories
    • Improved filter options for finding online games
    • Improved handling of completed games
    • Fixed animation for Peace Commissioner
    • Fixed card sizes when animating to/from draw and discard piles
    • Fixed several issues with game log during online games
    • Added several events to game log
    • Adjusted how AI evaluates placement of peace commissioner
    • Updated AI evaluation based on training results



    - fixed AI bug that affected evaluation of how human player would use pivotal space bonus
    - fixed ingame chat coloring when local player is Secessionist
    - fixed minor issues in tutorial
    - fixed art and text issues on a few cards
    - improved drag sizing for tokens on map spaces and in token pool
    - added Event Discard variant section to rulebook
    - added Event Discard variant description to Create Game screen

    This is a quick update to address some of the issues found immediately after launch. We have more coming for another update later this week (and that will require you to update in order to play online).

  3. I'm beginning to think Turn Zero could do with its own thread. Partly because it introduced so many bugs that my list can't possibly be considered complete if I attempt to list them, partly because it's tricky to describe them when they involve cards I've never seen, and partly because it's impossible for me to confirm them (the last point not an issue with confirmation from Gweis, obviously). I'll update the thread title to reflect this.

    That isn't necessary.  I believe Non-Aligned Movement when played with no valid targets is the only Turn Zero specific bug that hasn't been fixed yet.

  4. @Gweis: Then please also fix the other bug where if you play Non-Aligned Movement yourself (for its event), the app does not let you select a country to remove all its influence. It was already mentioned twice in this topic but benkyo did not add it to the list yet. For an example, see game #176437, turn 5, action round US 3.

    This bug is fixed already, but your game was created before the update was released, so the fix isn't applied to your game.

    If you start a new game now, Non-Aligned Movement will allow you to select a country to remove influence.

  5. Non-Aligned Movement bug - this has happened to me in two different games, I haven't seen listed here yet:


    AI player plays Non-Aligned Movement and chooses to remove all influence from a country with only my influence present (e.g. removing all points from West Germany with only my 4 influence points present! Quite a serious game changing move...)  .

    This is clearly against the rules of the card, which requires the country chosen to have influence present and at equal levels from both sides.


    This happens if there are no valid countries that match the requirements for Non-Aligned Movement. Will be fixed in the next update.

  6. The game didn't go back in time.  But there is a minor bug in the playback engine.


    You forfeited the game because your timer expired.  This happened after your opponent's play in T9 AR7 USSR.


    When you reload a game, it loads to the last point in the game where you made a decision, and then it plays the animations of everything that has happened since then.  However, once it realizes you forfeited, it stops the playback and brings up the forfeit popup.

  7. Unfortunately, this isn't a bug in the implementation of the card.


    North Sea Oil was played during Turn 9.  The extra action round only applies to the turn during which is was played.  You got an extra action round in Turn 9 (you spaced Socialist Governments).


    The extra round does not carry over to the next turn, but preventing the play of OPEC does.  So there are two separate icons for North Sea Oil - one on the upper row to indicate it lasts indefinitely and one on the lower row to indicate it will stop at the end of the turn.


    Sorry for the confusion.  We'll look into finding a better way to display this distinction.

  8. Why would you deliberately introduce a new bug, to compound an already-existing bug that has been reported by multiple players?


    I do not understand it.  You make a digital version of a board game, without understanding what board gamers expect or want.  It's like you don't care about attempting to connect with your target audience at all.


    I take it that this new Wargames buggy behavior is nowhere documented in either the rules or the card, is it?  So players who are either already familiar with the game or who are reading your own rulebook will now be fooled into losing their games unintentionally?


    If you're trying to convince me that what most board gamers want is to end in a tie after investing 2 hours to a game (or several weeks if played async), I'd say you're wrong.


    But that irrelevant here.  We won't be adding ties.  Our system doesn't support it, and we haven't supported them in any of our other games.  The cases where a tie can occur in Twilight Struggle are so rare that our time is better spent improving other areas of the game.


    In the case of Wargames, there are two cases where a tie can occur, when either player is up by exactly 6VP, DEFCON is at 2, and Wargames is in hand (or Star Wars is also possible for the US player).  When the player is in that situation, they have to decide that taking a tie is better than the possible outcome of playing out the rest of the game.


    In the digital game, where a tie is not an option, the player has to choose to end the game or keep player.  Previously, the USSR player had to choose a loss or continue playing.  The US player could choose to win or continue playing.  This wasn't balanced.  By making this latest change, both players have the option to lose or continue playing.  We could implement a tie breaker, but in this case what better way to determine who should win a tie breaker than to ask the players to finish playing out the game from it's current state?  If the player with this choice can find just 1 more VP from any source, then Wargames can be used to win the game.  If he can't, then he still finds himself up 6VP, with a 4ops card in hand, and at most 3 turns left in the game.


    Again, this is an extremely rare situation.  I've played 100s of games since we started developing the digital version, and I've never been in position to make this choice.  Obviously, it's happening for some users, but we're closing in on 200,00 games played online, and probably 3 times that many offline, so it will come up.


    And no one will be fooled into losing in this situation.  The commit button now clearly displays that committing to will end the game in a victory for you or your opponent, so you can decide to back out and choose a different path when you notice that.  You can see if chipboard's post about being in this situation, he didn't proceed because of the warning.

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