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  1. - fix rules bugs in Turn Zero, Promo Packs, and Alternate Space Race - Socialist Governments and Suez Crisis events are now prevented by 1945 UK Election result - Non-Aligned Movement now allows removal of influence from 1 country - First Lightning no longer lowers DEFCON when discarded for a Space Race Attempt - Taiwan is now treated as a battleground when couped under Chinese Civil War crisis result - fix Alternate Space Race reduction of influence placement cost to occur once per action round - fix Scoring Popup display for Europe Control when Allied Berlin is in play - fix Europe scoring region display when Allied Berlin is in discard pile - fix resuming a game during crisis card resolution - fix possible crash when removing influence for Cuban Missile Crisis - fix bug in tutorial flow during space race attempt - fix several stability issues in tutorial and during gameplay
  2. If you initiate a coup attempt, you will be given the option to remove influence in Cuba before you can roll the die for the coup.
  3. If you were at DEFCON 2, it should show a warning. The US will get to use 2 ops, which could be used to coup battleground and lower DEFCON during your action round.
  4. WARGAMES was changed in this update. If you play it while up by exactly 6 VP, you will lose if you choose to end the game. The Commit button now makes this clear, so you can undo once you see the result isn't in your favor.
  5. - Added Android support - Added Turn Zero expansion - Added Promo Pack 1 & 2 - Added Alternate Space Race Track - Added Collector's Edition Card Art - Added Kickstarter exclusive avatar - Added End of Game Commit Button Warning (with clear display for who will win game) - Fixed Wargames in the Late War scenario (US cannot win through Wargames, USSR only wins if ahead on VP) - Adjusted Wargames to give loss to player who played Wargames when VP ends at 0 - Fixed display of modifiers in the Realignment Popup (Iran-Contra Scandal) - Fixed Shuttle Diplomacy when a region is scored (popup display bug only) - Fixed broken achievements (Rocket Man, The Race is On) - Fixed tooltips on several popups (country names, magnifying affecting cards) - Added VP display and improved marker animations to End Turn Announcement, Scoring Popup, and War Popup - Improved layout for Space Race Track Display popup - Lots of minor interface adjustments (both ingame and front end)
  6. I haven't seen reports of anything similar to this in quite awhile. Since the issue with activated Cuban Missile Crisis was fixed in August, at least. If anyone is seeing something like this now, please post it here or contact support@playdekgames.com with details.
  7. These are interface issues that we plan to address, but there's more interface design and art involved than with the rules bugs, so I doubt they'll be fixed in the next update. Hopefully soon after, though. For the discard pile issue, we still haven't been able to reproduce it here. I think it only happens when you play a live game the whole way through (or at least from before Turn 6 and well into Turn 7). I think it may be that the discard pile is scrolled all the way to one end while it is full and then end of Turn 6, but then the scroll position isn't reset when the discard pile is emptied for the Turn 7 reshuffle. I've made a few minor adjustments hoping to fix it, but can't be sure since I can't reliably produce the behavior. I might see if we can a temporary scroll bar to the discard pile to see if it helps understand this issue.
  8. These are all fixed in 1.1.0 (I think the Brush War issue was corrected in a build previous to that, even).
  9. These will also be fixed in the next update. All should be an easy correction, but we weren't aware of the last 3 until after it was too late to make this update. (It says something about how minor these issues are that they are just now being reported after 14 months since the start of beta testing).
  10. These are not fixed in 1.1.0, but they are top priority (along with Turn Zero bugs) for an update in early January. Each of these is not a simple fix, and we need to find a way to do it that doesn't significantly impact the AI processing time.
  11. That list is from the previous update months ago. I'm working on build notes for yesterday's build, but probably won't be able to post them until later tonight.
  12. Are you not receiving the updates from Kickstarter? We released the beta version in September. The retail version will be available on Monday. You'll receive a code from us via email on Monday to unlock the app on the PlayStore.
  13. It is applied to all realignment rolls. Do you have an offline save file or online game # that we could take a look at?
  14. Under Settings, switch Announcements to be None. We have an update coming that should correct this bug.
  15. The system was setup so they can be swapped out for the Collectors Edition art.
  16. It's loading the map and all of the cards. We're working on ways to improve this right now, since we'll be adding the Collector's Edition card art soon.
  17. There were still 3 cards in the draw pile at the start of Round 8, so the Late War cards were added BEFORE the reshuffle occurred. This is uncommon, but it does happen. There are severals threads over on boardgamegeek.com discussing if skipping the turn 7 reshuffle is an advantage for the US player or not.
  18. AI games don't have an online game #. Are you sure it was an avoidable loss? How many cards did the AI have in hand? Were any of them cards that could have been played without granting you VP? If you still have the save file, please submit it to us for examination.
  19. There was an update released yesterday afternoon to correct this bug.
  20. Do you have a save game file or an online game # that shows this situation? You should receive a second coup attempt if you remove any influence on your first attempt. Keep in mind that there also needs to be another non-battleground country in Africa or the Americas that has opponent influence.
  21. The card history text is all included in the Card Gallery (under the Settings menu).
  22. Have your girlfriend turn off iOS notifications. This option is available under Profile when you are online.
  23. Do you have an online game # or an offline save file for this game? You should be allowed to drag the scoring card onto the Quagmire pop up to play that card.
  24. We released a server update last night to try to get email notifications working again. Unfortunately, the server was set in a state where it wasn't able to write to our game database, so nothing that happened between 11pm last night and 6am this morning was recorded. This is also why you weren't able to start new games during this period. It is fixed now, but at 6am all games in progress were rolled back to their state at 11pm last night. (All times are California time zone). This won't ever happen again.
  25. - fixed issue where exiting game during setup would create an invalid save file - fixed issue where an invalid save file would prevent loading of all save files on device - fixed removing influence with Cuban Missile Crisis - fixed available space race attempt indicator lights - fixed action round display during end of turn - adjusted AI handling of 3 or more scoring cards in hand
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