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  1. We're in the process of migrating our online servers to the cloud. Starting today and probably taking through the end of day tomorrow. Account services will be unavailable during this transition. Most of our game servers will be unavailable all day tomorrow. We'll take care of manually activating your account as soon as everything is back online if you send an email to support@playdekgames.com from the email you used to create the account. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Free coups do not grant military ops.
  3. In the online profile, there are settings for turning on/off both email and iOS push notifications.
  4. Have you tried disconnecting the external keyboard to see if it is the source of the problem? We haven't seen any other reports of issues related to text input on iOS devices.
  5. Have you been able to login to play Twilight Struggle online previously?
  6. The warning is because five year plan might return a card that lowers DEFCON. It doesn't examine which cards are in your hand or could be potentially be in your opponent's hand.
  7. It uses the email address associated with your account. You can contact support@playdekgames.com if you want to change that.
  8. Yes, it's a bug. We have an update coming to correct it.
  9. It will be removed from your Completed Game List automatically 30 days after it is completed. We're looking at adding functionality to allow you to manually remove a game before 30 days has passed.
  10. Is it there all the time? That sounds like maybe it's the Steam overlay. We haven't seen any other reports of this behavior from other Steam users. Do you ever use the Steam interface during gameplay?
  11. iPad 2 isn't officially supported. Because it is right at the limit of available memory on the device, and will often crash during gameplay. We are working on addressing this situation so we can add iPad 2 to the list of supported devices.
  12. Try deleting and reinstalling the game. I believe we have a fix for this included in the update we submitted to Apple this morning.
  13. Yes, it is there. We have a build already submitted to Apple with all of the fix. Turn around time is currently 2 days, so hopefully we'll see it approved this weekend or Monday at the latest.
  14. We'll take a look at the Space Race lights. On the DEFCON side, the yellow lights only appear for the local player to indicate that you still have a need for MilOps or you will lose points at the end of the turn.
  15. - fixed AI player failing to play scoring cards before end of turn - fixed minor bug with DEFCON warning determination - fixed using Undo button during tutorial game - fixed influence marker animation when Nasser is played - fixed 90 minute timer - fixed win/loss display in online profile - added Chinese flag as an avatar
  16. We have an update coming shortly that will fix the problem.
  17. It is only a display bug, and it only happens when Nasser is played. We have an update coming shortly that will fix the problem.
  18. 2. You can click any line in the chat window to view a user's profile in this build. 3. Rankings and global stats will be added in a future build.
  19. - Updated to Unity 5.3.4 - Should address many of the issues with launching game and selecting screen resolution - Added DEFCON Warning to Commit Button when playing a card could potentially drop DEFCON to 1 - Added Announcement for how each card is played as it animates from opponent's hand - Added Announcement Popup when Bidding for Sides - Updated Region Scoring Popup - Smoothed out animations for placing influence - Added animation marker for Victory Points - Added animation marker for target country of coup, realignment, or war event - Added profiles for offline play - Added hotseat play for two human players at same computer - Adjusted available timer options for online games - Added popup to view online profile (available in friend list, lobby chat, or ingame) - Added ability add/remove friend from profile popup - Added Completed Game List (will show recently finished online games) - Currently only shows the final state of each game when reloaded - Added online notification settings to profile - Added avatar selection for offline and online profiles - Can select separate avatar when playing as USSR or USA - Added several Steam achievements - Hidden achievements are visible in Steam but are not implemented yet - Recalculated online stats and ratings to fix an issue with forfeited games - Rules bugs fixed (all changes only apply to games created after update): - The Reformer will no longer prevent Realignment in Europe - NATO will now only prevent Brush War if country is controlled - Cards with unplayable event may now be headlined - Event will not be triggered and card will go to discard pile - Missile Envy cannot be headlined if player is required to play it during next action round - Brush War will now count adjacent superpower as a controlled country - USA can no longer win game via WARGAMES in Late War Scenario
  20. 1) Ratings at the time of completion for the game are used to determine the updated rating. 2) It doesn't make any difference how the game ended, except that there are some special cases for handling forfeits (so below). 3) There is a separate rating for "variant" games. This isn't currently displayed very well, but we've improved it for the next update. Currently, CCW and Late War are the only variants, but we'll be adding more in the future. 4) There is a system to prevent abuse from users who win too many games from forfeits. This is carried over from our other games, but it will be removed in the next server update. 5) Leaderboards will be added, along with some global stats to track gameplay results. 6) Quick Match allows you to restrict the ratings of players you could get matched against. We'll take a look at adding a rating filter to Create Game.
  21. Support@playdekgames.com, please. I've been looking for an example of this situation to debug it...
  22. If you still have the save file for the first game, could you send it to us: http://playdek.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1219-submitting-save-files/ There is a bug where the Continue button for Paused announcements (such as the DEFCON warning) will also accidentally trigger the None option, but if you only placed influence with the ops from the card, then no such announcement would have occurred. Something else must be going on in this case.
  23. Are you sure you placed influence in the first instance? Are you playing with announcements set to Pause?
  24. We have implemented everything on your list in one of our other games. You can watch a stream that BGG did using this system: https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/36571/summoner-wars-digital-showdown-day-1-watch-archive That tournament was played using our tournament system. In order to avoid complications with the live stream, all of the games were played ahead of time and the replay system was used to play them back for the stream. Spectating was also possible for tournament games. We don't have an ETA for these features, but we're planning to bring them to TS. You'll see some steps in that direction in the next update.
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