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  1. The official ruling is that you are required to play the card ops during your next action round only if that card is still in your hand.
  2. Pan or zoom the map a little when this happens, and the animations will finish. This bug only happens on some combinations of window resolution and zoom level of the map. We have a fix that we're testing now and we'll get an update out soon to correct it.
  3. Not a bug, as far as I can tell. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/97390/collected-rulings The second ruling for Missile Envy says: After giving your opponent the Missile Envy card (in exchange for one of his cards), the opponent only "must" use the card for Operations during his next action round if he still has the card and he is allowed to play cards for Operations.
  4. Yes, sorry. We switched to using retail servers for release. If you don't have a Playdek account from one of our other games, you'll need to create a new one on the retail server from within the game client.
  5. In the settings, you should be able to turn Announcements to None, and that will make turn/action round/defcon banners go away. The issue with needed to zoom the map to end your opponent's turn is new. We've seen a few reports, but haven't been able to reproduce the issue here.
  6. email support@playdekgames.com (include the email address that was used for your Kickstarter account)
  7. The Playdek account referred to in the latest Kickstarter update is for online play. You create it from within the Twilight Struggle game after you've installed that from Steam.
  8. That happens when you have 6 games already in progress. Delete an existing game and you'll be able to start a new one. We are correcting this behavior in the next update.
  9. In the Kickstarter Backer Forum that is a subforum of this one.
  10. Twilight has added email notifications since the beta is on PC/Mac. We'll look at adding options to set this up in our other games after that game is finished.
  11. Not in the immediate future. Twilight Struggle will be our first release for Mac and based on how that goes we may look into bringing other titles to Mac.
  12. Use your email address instead of your username to login.
  13. You must convert the grain to 1 food. Madonna Statue is a major headache for digital implementation...
  14. If your opponents name is red, they have forfeited and will skip all future turns. You can play the rest of your turns to complete the game, or select Claim Victory from the pause menu.
  15. Intentional. We held back the Mercenaries that were "extra" cards in the second wave of reinforcement packs. Most of the other cards are implemented and working, but Time Mage isn't. Diagonal movement will be difficult to get working correctly.
  16. Be sure to double check for dual faction cards/Borderland Mercenary/Arha Mentor...
  17. It chooses for you automatically whichever faction has the highest count.
  18. Forfeits aren't counted as a loss if all players in the game forfeit.
  19. Should be fixed now. Log in to the server one time, and you'll start receiving notifications after that.
  20. We've already tracked down the issue and fixed it in our internal build. We're working now on preparing an update to address this and several other issues.
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