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  1. It would be awesome if the app supported 2v2 team games: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/568460/official-ascension-variant-2v2-team-play
  2. Any idea of the time frame from Dawn of Champions being released IRL to it being available in the app? Realms Unraveled was exactly 6 months...is that going to be the standard going forward?
  3. I puzzled over this for a while when I first started playing RoV. I've never seen an official ruling, but I believe the game is behaving appropriately. The cards are generally very clear when distinguishing between things that have already happened and may happen. (Dandilion Witch, for example). With Cognition Courier, the "energy you have gained this turn" is parsed when the card is played, not when the effect is used. It makes no statements about energy you may gain after playing the card.
  4. If I have already played Cetra, Matron of Stars in my turn and then play Animus of the Wild, I don't actually get the 1 rune discount benefit from Animus because Cetra's multi-unite triggers and the discount is applied to the card that I got for free through Cetra. Is this intended behavior?
  5. Cosmetic issue: when you play Dhartha, The Eternal and the card that is revealed is something to be acquired (rather than defeated) and you tap it to zoom in on it two "Acquire" buttons appear.
  6. Can't recreate this issue...I'm guessing there was a Neophyte Mentor that screwed up my count...
  7. So many updates and still no noise... That makes me sad...:-(
  8. Interesting...I'd have to go back and check again, but I'm pretty sure that example I gave was not a hypothetical...I should have gotten 4 Honor, I got 5 Honor.
  9. Sower of Discontent Card Text: Gain (2 Honor). Name a Faction. Gain an additional (1 Honor) for each Hero of that faction you have played this turn. Sower of Betrayal Card Text: Gain (3 Honor). Name a Faction. Gain an additional (2 Honor) for each Hero of that faction you have played this turn. When the card is defeated, it doesn't ask you to name a faction, it appears as though it just gives you the extra honor for every hero that you've played of *any* faction. For example, I played 2 Enlightened Heroes, 1 Lifebound hero and some Apprentices/Heavy Infantry/Mystics/Militia. I defeated Sower of Discontent. I was given 5 Honor. I should have been given the choice to choose a faction and gotten 4 Honor (after choosing Enlightened 'cause I'm not stupid)
  10. DU can result in some pretty outrageous scores as well
  11. Do the notifications you get come with sound? I get the icon in my notification bar but no sound. I'd really rather not have to stare at my screen constantly to know when it's my turn... Another little annoyance: you only get the notification on the last device you logged into. It would be nice if the notification could be sent to both my phone and my tablet.
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