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  1. So I played an anointed askara, and later that turn was purchasing a hero. I dragged the hero to my deck (as I'd forgotten about the anointed askara ability to put it in my hand). The hint text was "Are you sure you don't want to put that hero in your hand?", with cancel or OK as options. I chose "OK", assuming it meant "OK, I do want to put it in my hand". But OK meant put it on my discard. Mildly annoying.


    The text would be better as "Are you sure you want to put that on your discard instead of in your hand?"

  2. Hi there. I'm still not getting notifications of my turn on Android since changing phones. I reported this on Facebook and was told it would be looked at, but haven't had any feedback since. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling on my old phone, logging out and in, turning on and off notifications in the Android settings app section for Ascension. Nothing seems to work. I assume it's a back end issue.

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