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  1. I'd love to get Realms Unraveled as well. I'm not asking this for Christmas, though. I'll just wait for more updates from Playdek! What about Nightfall, Tanto Cuore and so on? Are you planning on their expansions-design, these days? I just can't wait for them!
  2. LoL quite interesting points, you convinced me not to try them out. By the way, you're welcome. LoL I just noticed it and yeah, it's pretty silly-draw. I can't tell about gameplay, though, but I'll inform myself better first.
  3. Hi there everyone! Assume I just started playing, even though I hit the game randomly three or four times already in the past, both on physical cards and Playdek's iOS version. As the game is right now, I find a very hard choice for me to choose a Faction which starts from, since they all have their strategies and Lores. Furthermore, no matter which deck I use, Playdek's CPU always beats me (please, make us choose between difficulties! Update this great game with this feature, at least! ). I then decided to start playing as Benders, for now, and learn about their synergy and gameplay. But! First things come first : I'll first need to know some general tips for the game, regardless of which Faction I'm using. For example, when summoning Common Heroes is better than summoning a Champion, where to place Walls, and so on. Yes, assume I'm totally ignorant about strategies. Secondly, I'm finding myself wanting to edit Benders' deck, but I don't know what's better to use and how many cards to use, either. I'd really like some references and advices! Just in case you forgot the basic set for Beders' deck, here it is : Basic starting cards : Tacullu [summoner] Deceiver x2 Controller x2 Other cards - Events : A Hero Is Born Magic Drain x2 Mimic x3 Mind Control x3 Other cards - Basic Units : Breaker Other cards - Basic Champions : Gulldune Kalal Sorgwen Other cards - Reinforcements Units : Parasite Mind Witch Other cards - Reinforcements Champions : Kalu Talu Gwalark Thanks in advance!
  4. I've found more deck-building games in the store. Check them out, if you want to! Football Seasons (I didn't play it, though) Empire (I played it and liked it, time ago. But it's pretty new and its mechanics continuously change) Battle of Gundabad (I didn't play it, though) Hero Brigade Brawl? (I didn't play it, and I can't exactly tell whether it's a deck-building game or it isn't...) Stak Bots (I didn't play it, though) Prez Games (I didn't play it, though)
  5. When Honor Points Pool hits ~20% initial value, in my opinion. So, let's say the initial Honor Points Pool's value was 180 (3 players-game, MAX HPs quantity) : as soon as ~36 Honor Points are left, start acquiring only high-valued cards.
  6. Hmm I doubt this can be of any help... final decks don't always tell something, since they continuously change, like "I had a Void Initiate for the first turns, but then I banished it when I didn't need it anymore" or "I had Aaron, the Godslayer, but, then, an opponent killed Xeron, Duke of Lies and stole him", "I obtained my Prodigal from Kythis, the Gatekeeper but I didn't want it, and I couldn't banish it" and so on... Many changes occur to the deck, and many choices depend by opponents' strategies and some luck-relation. Final decks only resemble a little portion of the player's gamestyle.
  7. There's another bug concerning Veya, Handmaiden of Logos : her Energize text tells : "Instead, you may choose both.". As the game is now, whenever you are Energized by 2 or more, she automatically activates both effects, and no "None" button appears in the left corner of the playtable, meaning you're forced to do both.
  8. Thanks in advancefor the trust, I hope I can be useful in some way. First of all, even if you say you don't get the game right now, worry not : I've taken quite a lot to learn strategies for games I play, too. Everyone starts as a newbie, then grows until (s)he knows each aspects of the game (s)he likes. It's just a matter of time and dedication! So, about expansions! I totally agree with your starting strategy : the fewer expansions, the better. It makes you understand the dynamics of the game itself and the changes each expansion brought to it. What I generally can say about how expansions changed strategies, is : Chronicles of the Godslayer (CotG) : Game basics. Playing this expansion alone makes you understand the very basilar rules of the game, which are : Banish as soon as possible : Banishing useless cards for the deck like Apprentices and Militias, that definitely are below the average on any card of the game, makes your deck work better, allowing it to make you only draw the cards you mostly want to use, that will usually be Mystics and Heavy Infantries during the first turns of play (approximately by turn 3 to turn 10) and other cards you've acquired from the Center Row (if you acquired any) (like Runic Lycanthrope, Emri, One with the Void, Avatar Golem and so on) during advanced turns. To do so, you'll need to acquire as many banishing Void cards as possible during the very first turns of the game. What you should focus your Rune expenditure on turns 1~10 are Arbiter of the Precipice, Shade of the Black Watch and Void Initiate. But be careful : remember to banish Arbiter of the Precipice and Void Initiate as well, as soon as you don't have any more Apprentices and Militias in your deck, since their power is really limited, without that feature (drawing two cards is fine, but forcing the player to banish one from the hand becomes pretty nasty, on the advanced turns of the game, since you only could lose Honor Points and power doing so, while gaining 1 Rune is exactly the same of an Apprentice, and that's not what we should aim to, since we aimed for their banish in first place). Shade of the Black Watch is instead still fine, since it works (and is worth) exactly like a Heavy Infantry with the extra feature that grants you to banish a card from your hand or discard pile just in case you didn't need it anymore (like a Heavy Infantry if you had many Power-gaining sources like Avatar Golem, Muramasa, Demon Slayer and so on, or a Mystic if you had many Rune-gaining sources like Landtalker, Snapdragon, Reactor Monk and so on); High-costing cards aren't always the best choice : Many player usually prefer a high-costing card to a low-costing one, but that's not always the case : if a card like Burrower Mark II is in the Center Row, but you have the necessary Runes to acquire Oziah the Peerless, it would be a wiser choice to acquire Burrower Mark II instead of him, since anyone can ramp to 3 Runes, anytime, meaning that if you don't take it immediately, the player after you will. Instead, 6 Runes are quite difficult to reach, especially on the first turns, meaning Oziah the Peerless will stay in the Center Row for a while, and you'll have another chance on getting it in the future thanks to the other low-costing cards you've acquired before him. This isn't always like this, though : according to your kind of deck, to which cards you need more at the time, to the Center Row cards and many other variables, it's sometimes better to acquire a high-costing card as soon as you can. For example, if Cetra, Weaver of Stars and Master Dhartha are in the Center Row, acquiring her could mean you'll be the most probable player that will get Master Dhartha for free (since drawing three cards doesn't always mean you can actually make all the combos you thought to, even though it's often like that). Unfortunately, cases like these depends by many variables, and can't be teached. Each player should find his/her own strategy in that, seeing the links and understanding other players' powers and intenctions as well. Practice makes perfect! Always acquire card-drawing cards, no matter what : Cards that allow you to draw cards virtually are translated into "exchange this card into another card you have in your deck at random, unless you know which card in on the top of it", since playing them don't decrease your hand size, meaning you drill through your deck, finding more and more cards that you actually may need in that moment. Cards that also allow you to do additional effects beside drawing (a) card(s) are a must-have (Seer of the Forked Path, Flytrap Witch, Kor, the Ferromancer and so on). In first turns, Temple Librarian is a decent substitute to Void banishing cards listed above, if none of them popped up or you couldn't get them, since she makes you discarding a useless card (let's say an Apprentice) to get two additional cards that might serve you better. Banishing her afterwards, when Apprentices and Militias are banished, though, depends by the player : if you think she can still serves you well, you actually might keep her for her Honor Point value; otherwise, you should banish her as well, since you actually will draw better cards than her, in the future; Get as many Constructs as possible, and as soon as you see them : Constructs are the best cards you can get and use in the game : you acquire them, you play them, and they stay on the playtable forever (unless pests like Sea Tyrant and Corrosive Widow are defeated, but, even in that case, nothing severe occurs, since you still can draw and play them again in the future), activating their effects each turn! It's like you have them in your hand each turn, but without occupying hand's spots! Mechana Constructs are the most Faction-dependant ones, but this handicap is compensated with the perfect Rune cost-Honor Points values ratio of 1:1. Furthermore, if you get enough of them, you also will gain many Power from Hedron Cannon, making yourself a Monster-killer, and getting Hedron Link Device allows you many, different combos with Burrower Mark II, Rocket Courier X-99, The Grand Design and so on; Prefer Power-gaining cards to Power-costing-limited killers : I explain better : having an Arha Templar is surely good, because of his feature of killing a Monster having a Power cost of 4 or less. But what if no Monster are on the Center Row? The only one he could kill is Cultist, meaning you only gain 1 Honor Point. Pretty disappointing, isn't it? If you instead had something like Demon Slayer, you could had higher chances of getting a Monster in the Center Row (no matter its cost) by doing any other kind of combos before spending those Powers. It usually depends by decks, but Power-gaining cards are usually better than Power-costing-limited killer, since you can actually "dilute" your Powers as you like the most, while cards like Arha Templar and Oziah the Peerless have net effects (you play them, you use them, they stop there) and don't allow you later strategies (this is even more felt in the next expansions, while it still can actually work on CotG); Be careful on the Honor Points Pool : As soon as the Honor Points Pool reaches ~20% of the initial value, you should focus your Runes expenditure on high-valued cards like Arha Templar, Arha Initiate, Void Initiate and so on, even if you feel they're useless : you still won't play long, and you probably won't draw them either, depending on how the match's going. Your judgment should be based on the Rune cost-Honor Points value ratio : a 50%+ rate is what you should seek for. That's why you always should acquire cards that cost 1 Runes : they always have a 1:1 Rune cost-Honor Points value ratio, just like Mechana Constructs. Return of the Fallen (RotF) : The new Fate effect brings new strategies to your gameplay, especially related to your played cards' order and underlines the importance of not playing hastly. This means : Only play the cards you actually need in a certain situation : Fate cards activate their effects as soon as they enter the Center Row. This means you probably will see them in action when a player defeats or acquires a card from the Center Row itself. Return of the Fallen's Fate cards have powerful effects, and you always should take advantage of them as many times as possible. Don't waste a chance of exploiting one of them just because you played all the cards in your hand before acquiring or defeating a card that left its spot to a Fate one! For example, if you need 3 Runes to buy Dimension Diver, just play the cards that give you 3 (more or less) Runes (let's say two Mystics), then see if a Fate card enters the Center Row. If it does (let's say Arbiter of Fate), you still have cards in hand to take advantage of their effects (for example, banishing an Apprentice or a Militia you have in it). Be careful when deciding to acquire and use promoting cards : Those are like Arha Sensei. They let you acquire a Mystic or a Heavy Infantry, but they usually only fill your deck with them, in the long-term. You should try avoiding them as much as you can, but, if no banishing Void cards pop up in the first turns, cards that substitute a card from your hand (assume they're Apprentices and/or Militias only) with a Mystic or a Heavy Infantry are fine, too. Just remember to banish them as soon as you have too many of those two in your deck, according to previous strategies I've exposed; Keep an eye on the Void : Return of the Fallen expansion also introduce Void-dependant cards like Serpentcall and Reclamax : they let you acquire or defeat cards in the Void itself, meaning you can defeat the same Monster twice or just acquire something you missed before. Knowing this, you also can use the Void as your personal, safe warehouse : if you acquired a Reclamax, for example, you'll likely banish Mechana Constructs from the Center Row as soon as they enter it (unless you can acquire them immediately or unless you have different plans about them), so you'll be the only one that'll acquire them from there when you mostly need them. Same for Heroes and Serpentcall. What instead concerns Sadranis, Dark Emissary, depends by your playstyle and your opponents' : since Monsters automatically go into the Void when defeated, Sadranis, Dark Emissary can both allows you to defeat a Monster from the Center Row twice, or just letting you kill the one you've missed or you're in need of at the time. Use him wisely, since 3 Powers are pretty limited, for a 7-Rune-costing Hero. Did you ever dream about becoming the evil? When Samæl the Fallen is defeated, you can acquire Monsters like they were Heroes! And they give you crazy Power values as well! If you ever defeated it on turns 5~13, absolutely remember this : banish all your Heavy Infantries. The weakest Monsters give you 3 Powers when played, meaning they'll surely be better than them. If you instead defeated it later, you probably won't see as many Monsters as you would, meaning its feature is quite missed. Still, for each Monster acquired, banish a Heavy Infantry (unless the Honor Points Pool's running empty, of course). Storm of Souls (SoS) : This expansion brings Events and related new standard Monsters, the Fanatics. Event cards are Center Deck cards as well, but, when draw, they globally stay active unless another one occurs, overwriting them. There are some new strategies as well : Take advantage of the current Event effect, but don't force your playstyle to fit it : Event cards like Arha Rising have a really strong Event Trophy effect, and their normal ones usually benefit same Faction cards (except some of them). As soon as an Event pops up, try to take advantage of its effects, but don't acquire specific cards for that Event nor use their effects unproperly : they'll soon disappear, anyway, and your gameplay would be greatly disvantaged afterwards. Defeat a Fanatic as soon as you can, and keep him in your Thropy Room until an Event pops up, then consider to banish him to take advantage of it, if needed. This is for keeps : Storm of Souls also brings Trophy Monsters as new Monster types. When you defeat them, they are placed in your Trophy Room and they stay there until you decided to use their effects, sending them back to the Void they belong to. Be wise, and use them only when you really need them! Unite we stand : Lifebound Faction became overpowered in this expansion : because of the Unite Skill, the game now involves players to acquire as many Lifebound Heroes as possible, promoting a Faction-dependence beside Mechana Constructs one. Unite effects are usually very strong, and even low-costing Heroes can become very strong, when paired to other Lifebound ones. Definitely keep an eye on Lifebound heroes! Destruction is only a mere step forward for the final project : This expansion also overpowers Mechana Constructs by giving them the chance to auto-destroy themselves. That means, you'll activate "Whenever you play a Mechana Construct" effects many more times than usual. And you also decide which you want to destroy! Definitely keep an eye on Mechana Constructs! Immortal Heroes (IH) : This expansion includes Soul Gems, a new, common deck composed by Heroes of the previous expansions, like Arbiter of Fate, Master Dhartha and some others. Their powers swing between mediocre and overpowered, and you get them totally at random. Fortunately, not many strategies changes occured, this time : Don't overestimate Soul Gems, but don't understimate them, either : Soul Gems are draw at random from the Soul Gem deck, meaning you'll never know which one you'll draw. Voids are the most valuable source of Soul Gems, followed by Driller Mark IV for Mechanas (combined with Hedron Pyromaniac, too). This means, don't play cards like Void Avenger, Spider Witch etc. starting with the assumption of getting something like Master Dhartha. Don't base your strategies on the Soul Gem you hope to get. Rise of Vigil (RoV) : This expansion brings Treasures (Energy Shard), Center Deck cards (I think their number depends by how many cards are in the Center Deck, but I'm not sure about this) that aren't normally revealed as soon as they hit the Center Row, but they get covered by another card. When you acquire or defeat a card with (a) Treasure(s) beneath it, you also acquire all the Treasures under it. The Energize feature, altogheter with the Treasures' powers, bring many changes to the gameplay : What do I really need of, right now...? Many Treasures will lay under some sucky cards like Monastic Tutor, Spirit Merchant and so on, but you might want them anyway, maybe because you've got something like Cognition Courier, Righteous Templar and so on, and that's better for you to have as many Energy Shards as possible. In this case, acquire them anyway. If you've got banishing Void cards already, don't even esitate and take them, since you can banish them whenever you want (as usual, unless Honor Points Pool's running out). If you instead don't have anything that can benefit of Energize, yet, it may be better for you to think twice about getting them. Strategies vary from players to players, so there isn't a right and a wrong one : just find your own one. Practice makes perfect, and players learn from their mistakes, too! I don't even need to tell you the more Treasures, the better, do I? Darkness Unleashed (DU) : This expansion introduce the Transformation feature, that allows some cards to change their values and aspects according to (currently) the Energy value required. When transformed, they are worth more Honor Points, they have far better effects and, especially, they stay transformed until end of the game! Not many changes occurred in this expansion, though, fortunately : What sucks now, will shine later : Cards that can transform themselves usually have normal/under-the-average effects, based on their Runes/Powers cost. When they're transformed, though, they have overpowered statistics for their costs! Cards like these are Honiskrot Tribesman, that transforms into Honiskrot Chieftan, Azerax of the Black Watch that transforms into Azerax, Nyx's Chosen and so on. Always get as many of these cards as possible, althogheter with as many Energy Shards as possible. I unfortunately don't know anything about Realms Unraveled (RU) yet, since I didn't play it yet. I still know some of its basics, like the new Multi-Unite feature (oh God, that must be a blast), but I prefer to test it out first, before speaking. I hope this could be of any help for anyone of you, guys!
  9. Uhm, this is getting quite abstract... but I think I've understood what you meant. Indeed, there are quite many situations that surely couldn't be studied in advance by the developement team, nor the AI makers, but I think they categorized some (or all) of them into many, different "reaction cases". What an AI misses and surely can't gain, though, is the long-term thought project : an AI doesn't think like a human, and can't know what its deck is aimed to, in advance. Speaking of which, I guess the definition of "AI evolution" is quite wrong, in this sense, since they have a static thought, and they follow this kind of gameplay, since the beginning to the end. Studying an even complex AI would imply years of work and too many variables, and, even in that case, it wouldn't be sure to be an evolving AI, either. But, I repeat, this is getting ephimereal alot, I think many readers probably don't know what I'm talking about.
  10. Eheh, you're welcome! If I ever found out more deck-building games in digital-form, I'll post here for you. Ahah, nice! He'll probably learn fast, if he really likes the game, don't worry about it. For a while, just teach him like this : "when you use this card, you get two more cards from here (the deck)" (draw 2 cards), "when you use this card, you can throw away a card that you don't like from here (the hand) or here (the discard pile)" (banish a card from your hand or discard pile), "when you can't do anything else, put all your cards here" (end of turn, discard phase), and so on.
  11. Wow, how mean. By the way, first of all, I don't really care if I had 2, 3 or 4 Honor Points less in my deck (of course, 5+ HPs are getting a little too many, though), at end of game. I'd rather prefer to avoid useless cards to draw (do you really want to draw a Void Initiate (yes, I'm not linking you cards since you already know them by heart, looking at your online wins you go proud of), a Prodigal, an Arbiter of the Lost and so on, at turn 13-14? I don't really think so) to improve my play turns and buy better cards and defeat stronger Monsters. I'm not stupid. If I see the Honor Points Pool has ~20% starting value, I stop banishing cards and buy anything with a decent or good Cost-Honor Points value ratio. It would be idiot to banish them at the end of game. EDIT : I just understood what you meant with "don't banish void or enlightned cards from your hand", and there's a misunderstanding. In my previous post, acquiring was the main verb, while banishing was an adjective. I didn't mean to say "always banish Void and Enlightned cards". Secondly, the time varies from match to match. If you play a Darkness Unleashed-only game, it surely will last fewer turns, because of the Dark Shards that accelerate game alot. I personally tested it. It also depends by luck, by the number of players and by the Honor Points Pool you set. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if a match lasted 25+ turns if no banishing cards popped out during it. Your reference to a maximum of 15 turns is kind of illusorial, unless you're playing with the minimum Honor Points pool setting. I usually run the maximum one. That's why some of my games lasted 25+ turns as well, while many lasted 20-, too. But the average turns duration is 20 to 30. Thirdly, my percentage was an assumption, but thinking of the expansions all togheter, it gets closer to that percentage, and not to 60%-40%. And, honestly speaking, I couldn't care less if I didn't defeat a Monster from the Center Row to get a Construct or a Hero. Of course, unless we're talking about Avatar of the Fallen, Samael the Fallen, kythis, Rebel Godling and so on. They surely impact the game a lot. But Monsters like Fettered Soul, Corrosive Widow and so on are just lame to defeat.
  12. No problem at all! I love giving advices wherever I can. You just asked about Rise of Vigil and Darkness Unleashed expansions strategies changes, did you? In my previous post containing advices, I implied the reader(s) had all the expansions and played each. In fact, many strategies change each Expansion, so I forgot to mention previous ones as well. Strategies used when playing with Treasures are definitely different from only playing with Chronicles of the Godslayer. I'm trying to explain better my previous strategies used once I didn't have expansions (so when I only had basic game), so I can tell you how strategies changed as new ones came out, if you wished to! Just wait until my worktime ended.
  13. I've learned about deck-building games only recently, too (~3 years). My first one instead was Tanto Cuore, while the second one I've played has been Ascension, exactly your contrary. By the way, I loved the gaming system since I first played Tanto Cuore with friends, and I found out a nice variety of games just like them. Some of them are developed on mobile devices from Playdek, as well! Tanto Cuore [Playdek] Ascension - Chronicle of the Godslayer [Playdek] Dominion Penny Arcade - Gamers vs Evil [Playdek] Nightfall [Playdek] Star Realms Barbarossa (currently unavaible but in Japan, from what I recall ) Kuni Tori! (same above, if I recall right) If some others came across my mind (or my monitor, sometimes xD), I'll let you know!
  14. Same here, even though my favourite, uncontended genre currently is (and I think it always has been xD) melodic metal [Dead by April, Girugamesh, Breaking Benjamin, Amaranthe...]! There still are some songs that I like that totally are out of this genre, but they're pretty rare exceptions, according to their rythm, used instruments, symphony and so on...
  15. Removing weak cards from your deck is the basic key to victory for any deck-building game. It lets you draw better cards based on your preferences, trying to avoid the ones that don't serve you well for your purpose. Like Ascension rulebook tells, "a good deck will draw its best cards as often as possible", and the only way to achieve this goal is acquiring banishing Void cards. And Enlightned ones, sometimes. The banish operation is a critical point for Ascension, since 20~30 turns are usually taken to complete a game, and the long-term strategies are strongly felt, as the game proceeds. I found myself banishing my few Heavy Infantries and/or Mystics often, too, becacuse of the better cards I acquired during the game and the final build I had in mind. Like it already has been said, Militia are the worst starting cards compared to Apprentices, since you usually won't ramp more than 3 to 5 Power each turn, until you buy powerful Power gaining Heroes and Constructs unless you're going full-attack (strongly unsuggested) buying only Heavy Infantries, meaning you can't kill all the Monsters you want any time, while, instead, you can usually ramp 3 to 5 Runes on first turn and 3 to 7 according to Heroes and Constructs you've acquired. Always remember : 75% Main Deck is composed by Constructs and Heroes (and Events and Treasures xD)!
  16. Some sort of rankings, you say, hmmm... That surely would be nice. Newbies wouldn't face pro players and they could slowly learn from their losses and victories asame. On the other hand, though, watching an expert player playing may indirectly give you advices and suggestions to change your playstyle! About the 15 minutes plays, it may be good. 20 minutes would be fine, too. But saying 10 minutes are too many, it's kind of disappointing. You could say that, only if you played against an easy AI and would randomly play each of your cards, too. True. While you're playing online in multiple games, the "End turn" button on the right becomes "Next match" as soon as you finished your turn and it's yours in another one. It's really confortable! Asyncronus games just work like this, I think they do it just right.
  17. Hmm well, I quite doubt the Developers will ever handle the AIs' codes to third parts : AIs are usually the most complicated feature to implement in any games. That's why many videogames were made for 2 or more players, years ago. Implementing an artificial player that simulates real ones' actions is nothing to laugh on, indeed. I personally tested it, since I'm a newbie software developer, too. I played against easy, then hard AIs, during my Ascension's playlife, and I still can tell something : it pretty seems like the easy AIs just buy random cards according to their gained Runes and Power, but they often prefer acquiring Mystics and, especially, Heavy Infantries (LoL). Something like : Play All; • Resolve cards actions; LOOP : Check [Rune] and [Power]; Check [Center Row]; • IF a card can be acquired from the center row and costs 6+ Runes THEN •• Buy a random card filtered with the IF instruction; • ELSE IF a card can be acquired from the center row and costs 2- Runes THEN •• Buy a random card filtered with the IF instruction; • ELSE IF a monster can be defeated from the center row THEN •• Defeat a random monster filtered with the IF instruction; • ELSE •• LOOP : •• Check [Rune]; •• IF [Rune] = 2 THEN ••• Acquire Heavy Infantry; •• ELSE IF [Rune] >= 3 THEN ••• Acquire Mystic; •• REPEAT UNTIL no more of them can be acquired; REPEAT UNTIL no cards can be acquired or defeated anymore; I, of course, voluntarily omitted instruction codes and variables declaration, letting anyone understand this, but I think it pretty works like this, for easy AIs, since I never noticed a delay in their reactions and play times, meaning the code had to be pretty short and easy, without any complex rooted IF, LOOP/UNTIL, CASE IF etc. For what instead concerns hard AIs, it's pretty difficult to tell... As everyone playing at MAX difficulty could have noticed, reaction and, especially, play times of hard AIs vary each time they acquire, defeat, draw or activate a card. This means hard AIs' codes must be abnormally huge and complex, and I believe they do examinate each card in the Center Row, the Void, in AIs' decks and AIs and opponents' discard piles before acting, just like a real player would (rather, I often found hard AIs being more intelligent than some players I know, LoL...). I believe they act like this, more or less. I'm no developer, so I can't tell for sure. My interest's purely interest-aimed, I always loved sotwares and codes.
  18. Hmm... I'd really like to know IF there's a way on how to show owned Playdek Games on Member's Profile like shybutnotshy has... Does anyone out there knows how to set this?

  19. That's not always like that. Notice how cards like Landtalker, Loamspeaker Druid and Syril, Runic Alpha do pretty the same effect, but has different amount of Honor Points value according to their cost-efficence ratio. Usually, overpowered cards for their Rune costs have a reduced Honor Points value, like Abolisher compared to Nihilmancer, Illiya the Demonborn compared to Emri, Soulslayer and so on. The game balances power-cost ratio with Honor points value-cost one. This doesn't apply to Mechana Construct, still, because they're the only highly faction-dependant ones, while others (Canopic Jar, Yggdrasil Staff, Dreamer's Glass...) aren't, and that's why they usually have a cost-Honor points value of 2:1, like mostly Heroes. I instead agree all your above points you've enlightned. The only highly-dependant Faction Heroes out there are Lifebounds, so far, and, let's face this : Unite is just OP. As soon as Storm of Souls have been released, my deck changed from a mixture of many, different factioned heroes to 50% (or often more than this) Lifebound ones and a 50% of other cards. Wolf Acolyte, Sabre, the Moonlit, Runic Lycanthrope and Syril, Runic Alpha are just overpowered for their Rune costs. I can't tell if bringing the Multi-Unite effect into Realms Unraveled has been a wise choice or not (I didn't play that expansion, yet ), but it surely will change many game mechanics, in my opinion. And yes, I didn't mean you automatically lose the game if you're pretty full of Constructs and your opponents just destroy them due to Sea Tyrant, Acidic Crawler etc, but it surely is nuts. Not that catastrophical, still, fortunately, since you can still draw and play them again and again, gaining their turn-effects when you play them, too.
  20. I couldn't read each answer to this Topic because of lack of time, so, if some of my advices have already been given, I'm really sorry, and forgive me. So, about strategy, you say... I and my girlfriend, Lilith played Ascension for a long time, and we often clashed each other or just played against (of course MAXed) AIs (we played it very much xD), so we can tell we're pretty expert of the game already. We're helping you out as much as we can! :3 (Please trust what I'm saying I know what I'm writing) Ok, here's the first, sightly problem : Lilith usually gets 2 or 3 of them per play, while I instead get 1 or 2 of both of them when Center Row Cards sucked. Never buy more than a double copy of Mystic and/or Heavy Infantry! The fewer, the better! Reasons behind this suggestion : There are many Main Deck cards that cost as much (or, sometimes, they even are more convenient than) as Heavy Infantries and Mystics, and do their same effects (often boosted, though), aside from giving you the same amount or often more than their Honor Points. Cards like these are a must for all kind of decks you're building. Some of them are Deathseeker, Runic Lycanthrope, Kor, the Ferromancer, Spike Vixen, Scrap Scrabbler and so on. I hope you can see the pattern between them. If you didn't, I can explain better what I meant. I know them by heart because I always purchase them during my plays! Hmm... this is a hard point to explain... What I can say for sure is : don't turn your back on them that easly. They mostly are situational (except for Arha Initiate and Wolf Acolyte, two must-have cards (Wolf Acolyte, at least. You could have left Arha Initiate in the Center Row as well, just to let it fill a Center Row space for next player(s), but I'd suggest you to buy it), but they're the most suitable cards to acquire instead of overloading your deck with Mystics and Heavy Infantries. Always keep an eye on 1-Rune cards : under certain circumstances (except for Arha Initiate and Wolf Acolyte, that always must be acquired, no matter what, especially Wolf Acolyte), they're better choices than Heavy Infantry and Mystic! Reasons behind this suggestion : Aiyana's Messenger, Grease Monk and Skyrocket Drone are good substitutions to Mystic, since they all virtually give you 2 Runes (I said "virtually", because there's a remote chance that they would only be worth 1 Rune instead than 2), while Void Militia is the only, worthy substitution to Heavy Infantry, since they "virtually" both give you 2 Power (same as above). When the Center Row is filled with high-costing cards like Samæl the Fallen, Repurposer, Ender of Days, Assimilation Plant, and no low-costing ones, they're your only cheap lifenet. You used Arha Initiate as a bad card, but I'm telling you what : no card with the "Draw X card(s)" rule is bad. It virtually tells "transform this card into another one you have in your deck at random unless you know what you have on the top of your deck". It doesn't sound bad, to me. This is just fine! That's what everyone aims for in the very beginning. As long as banishing Void cards like Voidfeeder, Abolisher, Azerax of the Black Watch and similar don't pop up, game goes veeeeeery slow... I wouldn't suggest you Arha Sensei and Arha Mentor, though, since they only fills your deck with long-term useless Mystics, while I instead reccomend Journeyman Sage for turns 20-. Raj, Psionic Master is instead a must-have. Only a deck with Center Row banishing cards like Seeker of the Forked Path and Wandering Askara can effectively contrast him. Hhmmm....? I suppose you meant Apprentices? In that case, yup! That mostly depends by your deck's drawing efficency. Since Rise of Vigil Expansion came out, I often played with decks composed by 70+ cards in the very end and they all just worked greatly! Before Energy Shards appeared, my decks often were composed by 15 (!) to 40 cards, according to many variables like Center Row cards acquired during the game, banished cards, opponents' strategies and so on. Don't limit your deck construction too much, though. Just try to figure out how many cards you potentially can draw each turn, then decide whether to not buy any Heroes anymore or just go all out (I often had problems with my little deck's size sometimes : due to Events and acquired cards, I found myself having 6 cards in the deck, being 1/2 Apprentice(s), (or) a Militia and other banishing cards like Arbiter of the Precipice, Arbiter of Fate and so on at turn 4... definitely the worst situation ever, since I couldn't buy anything but Aiyana's Messenger, Wolf Acolyte & co, but they often came out during other players' turns or just don't pop out when I really need them). It might take some time, at the beginning, to figure it out, but you'll soon find your own limit. ^^ The game actually provides players two ways of winning : by defeating Monsters, or by gaining Honor Points by indirect ways (Beacon Shaman, Dandellion Witch, Atrolabe TRX, Beast Staff...) and having many or/and high-valued cards (Assimilation Plant, Adayu, the Chosen, Black Hole...) in the deck. It seems like you belong to the first category, while I instead belong to the second. xD Not that I don't kill Monsters, to be clear! I just don't focalize my attention on defeating them, rather than getting better cards for the deck. Never go for a full-attack deck! Runes can buy anything (75% Center Deck's composed by Artifacts and Heroes), but what if no Monster popped out in the Center Row or they did during opponents' turns and they killed them before you could? Only gaining Honor Points from Cultists during a turn is a dead turn! I did, too, during my first plays. I'll never do that anymore! Always grab Constructs whenever you can! Don't always prefer them over Heroes, though. It'll depends by compared cards! Reasons behind this suggestion : Not only Mechana Constructs are the most efficient way of gaining high-valued cards during a game, Constructs also serve you well! You play them, and they stay there forever (until pests like Acidic Crawler, Polaris Demon, Sea Tyrant & co pop out), activating their effects each turn! And many of them really are powerful, too (Black Hole, Beast Staff, Dreamer's Glass...). That's just right. This is right, too. Pressing "Play All" during first turns isn't a big deal, but when your deck starts getting sinergy, pressing it would mean a dead turn, under certain circumstances! I hope I've been of any help! If you have any other question, anything, just ask or send a PM! :3 I'm always glad to help others whenever and however I can!
  21. You finally reached us, didn't you? Welcome aboard, Lilith
  22. Nice to meet you, Sildanefil! It's good to have such a Summoner Wars guru around! :3 I hope we could get along well and yes, I totally agree : tournaments & co would really be sonething. We'll just have to wait a little.
  23. Hi everybody! Ten months have passed, since I first downloaded Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer (but I already knew and played Tanto Cuore by a much longer time), and I just loved it since the beginning. Well, I guess I just love deck-building games, rather! I've downloaded and played (and still actively playing!) EVERY Playdek App Game, and I can say something for sure : Playdek totally rules! I just love their idea of letting us play our favourite games on our mobile devices as well, when friends couldn't be reached or when you don't know whose to play with. Playdek introduced me to a world of games I couldn't even imagine, and they did it in its best way! Enough talking around, I suppose. Something about me! Name's Nicolò. I'm 22 and I currently am happily engaged with my girlfriend, Valentina (she'll soon register & introduce herself as well). And yes, we both are italian, so just forgive us whenever our english fails! We both love Playdek games and Playdek itself (great games designs, good graphics, high user interactivity, fast and mostly bugless games, fast and cordial support service (I (well, WE, actually)'d like to personally thank Shyla for her support toward us when we needed it about some bugs to be fixed on Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer on its Android version! Thank you very much for your support and patience!)... It really makes it the best mobile App games developer around!), and our favourites are Ascension - Chronicles of the Godslayer (we're planning about buying the physical version, too, soon enough), Can't Stop, Tanto Cuore (we have all its expansions so far, awaiting both for the newest one to be printed and for its current expansions on mobile) and Penny Arcade - Gamers VS Evil (we have its physical version, too). I really hope we could get along and discuss about our favourite games togheter with many other community members! :3
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